Need some help...

Hi… I have found this webpage that sells different kinds of permanent hair removal devices.
the thing i want to know is, is this website a legimate thing? I mean, does these devices they sell actually work or is it just a hoax? If anybody know about this site or have bought any of these items, i would additionally like to know which one, is the best to use. Because i am thinking about purchasing one of them, but i have no real idea of which one is the better…

Hoax. Scam. Ripoff.

Actually, some of the machines will actually work but they are wildly overpriced for what you get.

Can you refer a webpage where i can buy a effecient and cheap machine for permanent hair removal for home use?

Check on the do-it-yourself electrolysis forum; I post Ebay auctions of real electrolysis machines.

I advise you to learn a lot about electrolysis before investing in a machine. Or you could buy a One Touch and give it a try. Make sure you know what you’re getting into before investing in a real machine, though.

Stay away! They use my name in their advertising without permission. This should say plenty.