need some help please

Alright, I really want to take care of this hair issue (i play alot of sports and basically its so uncomfortable), and I was wondering if anyone, especially one of the electrologists on the board, could help me out with these questions.

First off let me explain, im a 19 year old guy attending college. This is one reason i decided on going with electrolosis, 40-90$/hr is more realistic than thousands for laser. The other reason is that really I guess I’m not that hairy. For the most part, I only shave one body part besides my face and we’ll get to which one that is. Otherwise I just trim every once in a while.

So here are my questions:

  1. Should I wait till im older? The areas that hair grow havnt really changed since i was in high school. I dont think I have a hormonal problem, like I said, i’m, comparated to other hairy guys, not really that hairy, so would I be alright? Have any of you ever treated teenagers and have good results?

  2. The areas im looking into are my chest, upper arms, thighs, back and butt (ya this is the one i shave). my back and upper arms is mostly just fine hair that really has never been touched with razor or trimmer. My chest has had pretty much the same hair there since i was 15, but it just grows longer so i trim it up. Basically i have a patch from nipple to nipple, then a line down my abs to my belly where it spreads out again around the belly button. I just want to get rid of it. My butt and lower back and thighs are dark brown and well pretty covered (i picked out an inch by inch square on my thigh and see about 15 hairs). Have you had guys have good results with these types of areas?

I’m down at school for 3 more years and willing to go as long as it takes if its working and its not too expensive, but what type of schedule do yout hink i’d be on? I dont have to do it all at once, i was thinking htat i might try out my lower and upper back and upper arms first because honestly on the first try i cant see it taking more than an hour and a half at most.

sorry for the long post but any help would be greatly appreciated.

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No need to wait until you’re older to start electrolysis, newguy. You may or may not have more hair follicles stimulated to produce new hair as you get older, but at least if you start now, the active follicles that are destroyed now will not be an issue later.

I have not treated teenage boys in the areas you described. Eyebrows, yes, but for larger areas such as chest, arms, rear ends, no. The reason being that, it takes time and money and most parents probably would not be into paying for such a prolonged undertaking as hair removal for their already expensive little darling. Try throwing in electrolysis with braces, acne medicine, clothes, car insurance, college and see how far you get in convincing parents to pay for hair removal. However, if one was very motivated and had the time, money, and tolerance for the sensation of electrolysis, I have no doubt that treatments would be successful IFFFF consistency with appointments and good electrolysis was employed. The hair that could be seen now would be destroyed forever and if in the future new follicles were to be activated, you would have to have them treated at that time.

It’s a process that needs your commitment. Fifteen hairs per square inch is a good amount and I doubt that your estimate of one and half hours would be enough on first try, but you would have to see an electrologist to get an opinion.

If you get on a schedule that works for your budget and stay with that, at least you are slowly moving forward. A speedy electrologist with proper knowledge of how much heat to use in the least amount of time would be helpful,also. Shop around and compare electrologists. Another suggestion, pick an area that is more of priority for you and concentrate on that area so you see results sooner.

On the laser side of things, there are those that recommend laser for larger areas followed by electolysis to clean up what laser can’t hit.
Some claim great results, some claim no results.
Results for both electrolysis and laser is practioner dependent, however, with laser if you don’t fit the criteria for a good candidate, it won’t work. Laser costs might be too hefty for a college student like yourself. At least with electrolysis, you can pay as you go and decide what block of time to choose that is wallet friendly for your circumstances on a particular week.

Ideally, I would recommend that you come at least
every two weeks consistently and stay with it, even if you can only afford 30 minutes each time, at least you are moving forward.


Nuguy: Why don’t you start the electrolysis treatment with your underarms . I understand that the removal of underarm hair on men is becoming the fashion. This area can be cleared in arelatively short time and will give you an idea how electrolysis works for you.

I guess i’ll just have to wait till school starts and ask around. the 15 per inch^2 was only for my thigh which is by far the wost nad will be the last place i get treated anyway (if i get them done any time soon). my back isnt actually very hairy like i said, i just would like to get the stray hairs gone forever and maybe some of the peach fuzz, which is why i thought it’d be a godo and fast place to start, but maybe i’ll try the underarms. hopefully i can find a good practioner this fall that can help me out. like you guys say, you dont really know what to expect untill you go.

and i forgot to mention, i make most of my mone to pay for college and do stuff during it in the summer. im hoping to pay for this mostly with my part time job during school. realistic expectation? guess we will see

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dee fahey: In response to your E-Mail, I have been hair free on both the chest and underarms about 15 years and about 10-12 years in the pupic area. I have been treated by more than 1 electrolyist and I have no idea what machine was used; except I know it was various types. For a while I had a machine on the chest that had numerous needles. All treatment was done without any pain killer. I found the bony chest area more sensitive than other areas. To clear all areas mentioned above took over 2 years. Sometimes I would have 2 operators working on me at the same time to speed things up. I never had any problems with the skin except for sme little bumps showing for a day or two after treatment. Any more questions? If I had enough money, I would have started as a teenager and would have gone 4 hours every other day until finished. Once you start you become addicted to getting the hair off as fast as possible.

See my post of May 20, 2004 to “luceluna”, there may be some food for thought for you in my story. Good luck.

Please read very carefully before you have any kind of treatments. It will help you find a proficient electrologist near you. Further questions just email me.

well i think im going to start this fall. i cant wait honestly. i think i found a place that seems pretty reputable. i think basically im going to get as many hour treaments in a month as i can afford with my job and still have beer money. basically i’ll have him start with my but and work my way up there nad then eventually get to my chest. i got 3 years (8 months of summer total, which i probably wont get anything done in) down there still at my school so hopefully in those 3 i can get for the most part my back from the rear up and the chest and upper arms done pretty well. thanks for the help, and i cant wait. honestly its been very psychological annoying thing, but once i get it taken care of i know i’ll feel much better. ive seen pictures of people much hairier then me that have gotten successfull results and that makes me more positive also. i’ll probably have more questions as the school year approaches (i just got out a few weeks ago actually) and i’ll keep everyone informed. i know there are lots of guys like me out there with this insecurity and dont know what to do about it.

Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step to being hairfree. Be consistent, stick with the program, do not give up especially if you have moments when you wonder if you are doing the right thing or not because in the end, the payoff will be your reward. And your hair, from the way you described it, should be done in way less than three years. Mine was. Success to you.