Need some help...need a location in Chicago


I am new to site and need some help an support…
I posted on another topic and just don’t know where to begin my journey for a cure!

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I need to know where I can go in chicago to remove unwanted hair from face.
*Sides and chin area mostly where I am concerned.

Please need some advice on what will be my best option without spending a fortune.

I have tried the bleaching and creams to remove hair (surgicream) and tweezing…and no matter what there is always an area that will not go away or come in darker or have those few hairs that will only go away if plucked. I am tired of plucking and just want to get rid of it.

I have fair skin and dark hair/ Hispanic…

I am just hairy everywhere, but my face is what is causing me the most embarrassment and low self esteem!

I am so depressed and just want a remedy !


Hi Sandra,

I think you will find that the only permanent solution is electrolysis. It will take a few session spread out over a year or 18 months perhaps, but you will be free of facial hair once you perform this treatment.

As for someone specific in Chicago, then look at the referrals section of hairtell. The Owner of this board, Andrea, may have some personal experiences with some of these practitioners. so perhaps wait for a response from her as well.

All the best,



Thank you so much for responding to my call for help…
I am in the process of researching some of the locations I have found in Chicago.
I will see if Andrea has anything to add to my cry for help.

I think this site is so informative and I am so glad to have found others with the same issues as me. I don’t feel as depressed about it not that I know there is something I can do.

Thank you again!


Sandra, sorry about thye slow response, as I said in another section, do a search with “Chicago laser” and “Chicago electrolysis” using the Search button at the top right. Set it to all forums, and you should get a good list of posts.