need some facial hair removal info/advice (female)

I don’t have an unusual amount of hair on my face, nor is it particularly thick, but I have a bit of a dilemma. Specifically, not the hair above my lip, but the hair along the jaw from the temple to the lip. The hair isn’t really even like hair, it’s more like fuzz (I refer to it as peach fuzz), but it gets long enough and is visible enough to need to be removed. The problem is that I haven’t had success in finding a method to do so. I’ve tried waxing and sugaring and even epilating with a Braun Silk Epil I bought years ago. They all got rid of the hair effectively, BUT within a week I end up with these little pimple like bumps that phase in and out around the area for up to 3 weeks. It seems to be from the hair trying to break back out of the follicle and not from irritation from removing it. I’m assuming that because the follicle is so tiny, once the hair is removed the skin can cover it up a bit, and the hair then causes the bump until it can break through again. Anyway, it looks like acne and who wants that :angry:
Anyone, any advice/suggestions/experiences would be GREATLY appreciated!!!