Need Some Advice

I have completed 6 laser treatments wiyh the lyra laser on my back.I have had some pretty good regrowth after 4 months and i am not sure what to do.Treatments now after 6 are 350.00 a piece that seems a little steep i think mabye im wrong.But i have been thinking about switching lasers to lightsheer??? or something else.I need to know in your opnion should i keep going with the lyra or goto the lightsheer which will cost more money due to the fact i would have to goto a different clinic.Also are there any good laser clinics reasonably priced in the albany syracuse area.I have spent 3200.00 on this i am pleased with the results it is finer,dont know how long that will last and it is lighter but i think that this laser has done all its gonna for me.Skin type 3.Also i would like to find a clinic that gives a discount after treatments are finished this place im going to was not.

The last sentance was supposed to read they were not forthcoming on the price after the 6 were done.Told me 30% off now that has seemed to change