Need some advice


Hello. I just wanted to ask 2 questions. I have started with a new electrologist but I am concerned about hearing a “popping” sound and feeling a “tug” about 35% of the time…Is that tweezing?? I have fine hair and do not want her to tweeze and make it really noticable, also she seems to move very slow. Secondly, has anyone really, truly had success from electrolysis, I am starting to wonder if this works. I have been at it for some time and very consistent and religious with not seeing too much results. It seems like there are many incompetent electrologists out there, it is really sad, there needs to be better standards/regulations. Also if you have had success, please let me know with whom. I want competent treatment as I have already spent a ton of cash that I feel has been wasted. I am willing to travel at this point. Thanks in advance.


Electrolysis works. Absolutely. Permanent hair removal, not just reduction. I’ve been at it for about a year and a half and my facial hair is 98% gone and now I’m moving on to other areas. My situation was extreme due to decades of plucking, with large numbers of dense, dark hairs (Plucking: never again! Never do it!) Now they are gone. Sounds like you need a better person working on you – read up on these boards and you’ll see that the right person makes all the difference.


You should also give us the city and state you are in so we have a better chance of letting you know who in your area is known to be good.

There are some people around the forum who are willing to volunteer information on their treatments.


thank you so much for the encouragement that it could work. But the huge question remains, how the heck do I find a good practitioner. I am exhausted just trying the recent just plucked, I could totally feel her pluck, she of course denied and I made her stop and left. Now, I am freaking out over the prospect that they may grow in worse…What to do. Areas I am willing to travel to are Michigan and Ohio. Anyone there willing to share a great practitioner or experience please let me know, at this point maybe I will travel the world. Anyone try Fino, is he as great as he states???


There may have been nothing wrong. I’ve had a total of over 100 hours now. At first I noticed some distinct “tugs” on some of the treated ones when they were removed. But everything is working OK and occasionally she will tug on one that wasn’t treated, or not treated long enough, and there is absolutely no doubt that it would have been plucked if she continued. She also recognizes the extra pull and treats, or re-treats the site.

I must admit that with subborn regrowth and ignorance I thought she might be plucking some untreated ones in the early stages but I didn’t say anything because of her excellent record and recommendations from other girls. With experience I’m glad I didn’t say anything.