Need Some Advice with male,facial electrolysis

What a great forum,just the place I needed to discover at this time. I am a male currently doing full beard removal on my face. I am about $600.00 dollars into the process and my electrolysis has cleared my lip,chin and is currently working on my cheeks. I am a bit frustrated though because I am using the flash method and although I can see drastic results,just read at another web-site that the flash method is the worse method to use on male beards.Furthermore that the kill rate with this procedure is minimal,I think 5-8 percant. Which means very ineffective and the most risky technique for problems with deep pitted scarring. Can anyone in the field or knowledgable with this process of electrology give me there feed back? Or if you are using this technique and are male could I hear some opinions from poeople. Unfortunately I charged my credit card for future treatments and this is a discouraging news too find out. I guess I did my research a little too late! Any help or feed back would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

The most important thing no matter what type of electrolysis you use is the skill of the person doing the work! No matter what anyone tells you, 100% permanent hair removal is possible with any type of electrolysis that is real electrolysis (not patch scams, and other fakers)

Thermolysis is the fastest way to get a large area clear. It is so fast that the higher rate of “misses” are overcome by the higher number of “Hits”.

I honestly can’t see a person doing thermolysis who has a 5 to 10% success rate ever passing the CPE exam, or even the Final Exam at a good electrolysis school.

There is one person in particular who wants everyone to believe that thermolysis is just horrible, but he is sadly ill-informed.

As for damage, an unskilled practitioner can mess up your face with any modality. Highly skilled electrologists can kill hairs and leave perfect skin in thermolysis.

I think you are ok, you seem to suggest that your skin looks good from the treatment you have had, you are just worrying about some idea that you will have lots of work and no results. Calm your mind. Stay the course. You will be much better off by the time the summer is over.

check out this site for a look at a person who had full removal in thermolysis for a very hairy monster beard.

What James has posted is correct. I have tried every so called permanent hair removal device over my 46 years in full time practice. Only short wave or the flash method is Cost Effective for the patient. I make this self evident in my book, Modern Electrology.

Less and less electrologists are using the blend and or galvanic methods. They are just to slow and more painful. In the years to come they will be history.

Please read this site very carefully and you will understand what I say is true:

Thanks so much James and Finogair,you can understand that after charging my credit card for advance service’s for over $1000,00 I am relieved to hear that the Flash method is an effective method for male Beard removal. I really got very upset after going through 3 hour sessions at a time and dealing with extreme swelling and pain that this method scars the skin and has an extremely low kill rate.I am almost completely cleared for the first time, In fact my next weekly visit should leave me pretty much free of hair and I have been going for about 3 nweeks now at 3 hours each visit. Do I seem on track? Lastly any suggestions to alleviate or help with extreme swelling happening “during” my treatments? Again I thank you so much for your encouraging feed-back and I will stick with my treatments!

Hello, I am not a male but I am having the same areas worked on. I started with just chin, then upper lip, then brows, and now I am doing my cheeks and sideburns. There is a ton of hair and it’s really fine and light on the cheeks and sideburns so I’d never done anything to it. For the first three months or so of electrolysis I saw a practitioner who used blend. Then I tried another lady who uses only Flash Thermolysis and I only see her now. It is super fast, I don’t feel the hairs being plucked or anything like that, and my skin looks GREAT. It looks better than it did after blend which left hyperpigmentation in some areas. Those areas are finally fading now. I don’t know if that was bcs of the blend itself and the fact that it leaves chemicals in the pores or if it was just my skin. I find the Flash to be just as effective as Blend. I have had my underarms and stomach treated with both modalities as well. It seems like Flash is actually better but that is probably more because I have already had these areas worked on for so long that they are now pretty much under control. My electrologist who uses Flash has over 20 years of experience and did a ton of work on her own body. I think she’s pretty good. I have tried four electrologists, she’s the best and the fastest of the ones I have seen so I think that experience is important. I think Flash is better no matter what as long as your electrologist is good and isn’t damaging your skin. For example, I saw one electrologist who used blend on one of my lower legs. In one hour, he finished MAYBE a 2x2 square inch area. In one hour with Flash, my current electrologist finished over half of my lower leg. Another example, the same electrologist spent five hours on my face using blend (cheeks and sideburns). Afterwards, i could tell no difference whatsoever. My current electrologist spent one hour on my face and I was so excited to actually see a reduction in hair. So even if it requires more treatment, it gets done SO MUCH FASTER that you’re still coming out ahead in my opinion. In addition, I find flash to be less painful than blend. Blend wasn’t that painful really but when you are working on large areas that does come into play. It seems like with thermolysis you have to be careful that you have a good practitioner. If you do, I think it is by far the best method. Just my opinion, Good luck!

Thanks Jessie,
I really appreciate hearing all the input and advice I have recieved here. I was worried at first that I had wasted my money,time and dealt with allot of swelling and down time and that the blend method was inferior to other metods. But now as I continue to read and get help from others on this site I feel much better about my treatments and I also have seen realy drastic areas of clearing on my face! I just was unsure if Flash was the best method for male beard because the hairs are coarse and thicker. Thanks for taking the time to reply and Take Care!

hey Bscotch,
here’s a post from Aliciadarling, a genetic male on this site getting full facial electrolysis, talking about aftercare and how to handle extreme swelling:

a thread about swelling

good luck!