need referral in Irving/Dallas ,tx

Please suggest a good electrologist in Irving area.I want to get my upper lip done.


I have not had treatment done by her (maybe you can talk about your work with her) but I respect her reputation and found her to be a delightful lady.

Do tell her that I said hello, and that I recommended her to you.

Teresa Adams
7317 Wake Forest Dr
Dallas TX 75214

Sandra’s Electrolysis

Established 1970
Board Certified Electrologist
Insulated disposable probes used
Free consultation/complimentary treatment
Hours: Tue: 10 A.M.-9 P.M., Wed/Thurs.: 10 A.M.-7 P.M., Fri: 10 A.M.-5:30 P.M.

Thanks James

It is my pleasure.

Just remember to pay it forward and keep us informed about your progress.

Here’s are two electrologists I have used, who I know to be very good:

Lynne Rains

Dan Wallace

I use Dan now (he’s closer and somewhat easier to schedule with) but Lynne did the bulk of my facial work, and she’s very fast and good.


Glad to see more people chiming in on who is good in what ever city USA. I think some people expect me to visit every electrologist in America and report back… Well, you all had better start ponying up the dough if you want that. Hmm, I could even bike across America while doing it and raise awareness… Oh, never mind.