need referral in columbus, OH?? Thanks!!

please help

Member Dfahey is the best electrologist I know in the Columbus Ohio area. I have actually had work done by her, and would do so again, and would even send my mother or grandmother to her (well, maybe not my mother, I like Dee too much to subject her to my mother)

Contact her via private message, or her email and get rid of that hair.

I have not put her full contact info here, as I am not sure she wants that on the site. She is, however, a member of our “Electrolysis SuperFriends” here.

Thank you,James.

James, is right, I have been vacillating on listing my information for reasons he knows, but I will now relent to his powerful voice.

If you would like to contact me for a consultation, please refer to the electrologist referral section (Ohio) in the next few days.



Is there a chance you know a good electroligist in Cincinnati? Any references?


I’m sorry that I do not have personal knowledge about the work of any Cincinnati electrologists. I have two clients that come to see me from Cincinnati, because their daughters, whom I have worked on, live here in Columbus. I have encouraged them to continue their work with someone closer to home, but they like visiting their families here anyway, so we keep going.

I will tell you that I have heard of an electrologist named Karen Vickers who is supposed to be really good, but I have not sampled or seen her work. I know her name is in the electrologist referral section on this site, under Ohio, of course.

Get a few names from hairtell, the yellow pages, the internet for your area and then go check them out. You can report back here for feedback if something puzzles you. When you find someone that is great, don’t keep it a secret. Let others know that you are happy and pay forward.
Okay? Good luck to you, nimb.


Karen Vickers seems to be a good option, but she is a little farther for me… Considering that I do not drive long distances alone yet.

I was seeing Carol Hawkins, but that turned out to be slow and I think that caused me skin damage too. She was using thermolysis, (may be flash) and I just do not see good results.

I have done laser before but that was of no use too.

I met with Mary Kilbane and she suggested I check out a Laser place here, since my first clearance itself would take long. I got the laser done today(first session being free) and plan to start electrolysis with Mary. She used blend.

Please let me know if you have any referrals for Carol Hawkins and Mary Kilbane. I will post my experience, once I get a couple treatments, but I think I liked her in my consultation.

Thanks for responding.


I’m sorry,nimb, but I don’t know of these practitioners.

What area are you working on?


I would start with Vickers. I have not had work done by her yet, however, she is at almost every educational event that I attend. She cares about her work.

I am getting work done on the chin, cheeks and neck.
I read thru the FAQs on Karen Vicker’s site.
She mentioned that they prefer Thermolysis.
I have the idea that Thermolysis is fast but less permanent as compared to blend. I would prefer blend.
I will go ahead and have a consultation with her. But I am sure that she has to be great if James has refered her.

Thank You for caring and the quick responses.


Thermolysis is just as permanent as blend, and when done correctly, faster than blend. Even if it is only done in an average way, it equals the number of permanently killed hairs, so that should not turn you off to thermolysis if it is done by someone who gives you a good result.

Let the condition of your skin after treatment, and a week after treatment be your guide.

I have gone on and on in other places on this site about this subject, and won’t be repeating the over explanations that you can find with a little searching through the site.

Thank You James,
I have been reading these forums for more that about 8 months now. I remember reading somewhere here abt the misconception that blend is more perm than thermolysis. I tried to search again but could not find the same one. may be I misinterpreted something. Thanks for the clarification.
I have scheduled an appointment with Karen Vickers and will post again once I meet her.

Thanks again for your responses

I had an appt with Karen Vickers.
She did not give me a sample treatment and chargerd $60 for half an hr. Pretty expensive ha… Got similar reaction as with Carol Hawkins. She does thermolysis too. Red dots all over, but do not disappear. They are still there after a week.
I think my skin does not react well with thermolysis, so am planning to stick with the blend. I do not have any reaction with blend normally.
It might not be fast, but I don’t want to live with red dots on my face until my electrolysis goes on. I have an estimate for about 2 years till completion.
Any suggestions?

First off, thanks for reporting back. There are only a handful of posters that remember to add to their story so as to help others who lurk here trying to make a good decision for themself later on.

When you were in Oregon, what method was used on you by the electrologist you liked a lot, Joan Gilbert? You mentioned you got full clearance in another post. How long did it take to get your first full clearnace with all the hair you described?

Those beginning treatments are usually the hardest because hair is in all stages of growth of varying degree’s of thickness and they can be settled pretty close to each other. Your skin will most likely react the worse in the beginning treatments, but pretty true to form, will heal in a calmer manner more quickly as you get farther along into this. We are destroying tissue, so it is to be expected that you will have some skin manefestations like red dots,especially in those first couple treatments. Same as when you create trauma to tissue by cutting your hand. Red dots can happen with blend, also. It is good that you watch how your skin heals and it can be hard to know as a consumer if this within acceptable guidelines or not. I would love to see a picture of your face 48 hours after and then one week after a session. Can you upload a picture next time?

When an electrologist first sees a client, they are trying to figure out many things about your skin’s temperment and healing powers. Settings have to be tried and refined. It may take a few sessions with feedback from you to refine settings and strategize in order to minimize reactions. Any professional electrologist will always need those beginning sessions to figure you out personally, so to speak, whether they are a CPE or other initialed electrologist professional. Just give them a chance to do that and always communicate well with them.

Sixty dollars for a half an hour is very high, but if she is very skilled and speedy, then it’s worth it. She may have a higher overhead than someone else just down the street. Without seeing you, the two years to completion sounds ketchup slow, but that can be the case for some people.


Thank You very much Dee for responding to my post.

I had Blend in Portland too and my skin would be pink and bumpy for about 1/2 an hour. By the time I reached home(1/2 hour commute), my skin looked normal. She used a topical lotion to reduce the pain, so that I could go for longer treatements and get my first clearance before moving to Ohio. I got the clearance(not complete but to my satisfaction) in aout 10 hours. And I took upto 2 hours treatments at a time. I had started with 1/2 hour appointments and gradually increased.
My growth is dark black thick long(upto 1/2" some on the throat might be 1") hair. While I was getting consultations in portland, Oregon some electrologists suggested I get cheked for PCOS since I had the unusual heavy growth. The endocrinologist said everything was normal.
I do not have my full growth now. When I moved to Ohio, it took me some time to finalise on my electrologist and so got my full growth. When I decided to stick with Blend, I got one free laser session to be cleared up and then continue electrolysis on my new growth. I just could not get bigger appointments with electrologists here. They are all so busy.
I am now going for about 1/2 hour a week at $35 for half an hour or $65 per hour. We plan to gradually increase the time. I will try to post the pics soon, but I am not sure if you will be able to see the difference in the pics as I do not have my before pictures. I do not get the noticeable red dots now. They are very small and heal pretty soon even if i do not take a lot of care for the same.
I am happy with my current electrologist and waiting to get hourly appointments. I will push on it when I see my growth getting longer and noticeable.

Great post, Nimb and so glad to hear you are sticking to a plan with an electrologist that you are comfortable with. You should be all well and fine and FREE of that hair soon. Those prices sound perfect,too.

Continued good luck,


Thanks Dee. Here is a good news.
I just got a call from my electrologist and got on schedule for June. 1 hour every week. I am really happy to finally be on a fixed schedule. I hope this works well and I get cleared soon. I will be persistent with this though I have a question.

Is it okay if I am not getting any scabs(at least they are not noticeable). I am very very happy about this but I read somewhere that it is not an effective treatment if the skin does not react.

I really feel my electrologist is very good and she is doing it right. I do not feel any plucking at all. She does not even pull the hair hard. If it does not come out easily with one insertion, she goes back in again. This is good right? I think she is using the perfect needle size and that might be why I am not getting any noticeable reaction. Just want to confirm this. I am very happy about the way I(my skin) react, but want to be sure it is working in a permanent way.

I am very excited right now, so let me know if I was not clear about what I have written above.

I really appreciate you encouraging me with this and showing me the right path.

THANK YOU very much.

Visible scabbing as proof of efficacy is just another “religious belief” in electrolysis. With up to date equipment and techniques, it is possible for one to go to a dinner party 3 to 4 hours after work on the face.

There are even people on this forum who can attest to that.

I am ready to attest to that if I had the permission !!
I can go to a party a few hours after my session but with no makeup to make sure I am no messing up with my skin.

I have my appointments such that I have to be back at work after the appointment but I am comfortable now that I know it will get back to normal in the 20 minute drive back.

Thanks James.

If every electrolysis client could have what sounds like a perfect, right on the money experience like you are having, there wouldn’t be any need for James, myself, Barbara and the other wonderful electrologists to post here. I agree that the scabbing issue does not have to happen and doesn’t measure at all the effectiveness of a treatment. These newer generation professional epilators allow the electrologist to closely refine and fine tune heat and timing levels to the smallest increments, and it is amazing how fast treatments go and how well the skin reacts and heals. Simply wonderful!

In the interest to be diplomatic and careful with words so as not to offend anyone, I don’t mean to imply that older equipment sucks. What is it we hear repeated here frequently? IT IS PRACTITIONER SKILL THAT MATTERS MOST. That is true, but the newer tools make life so much easier for both client and electrologist.I don’t know what your practitioner uses, but whatever she is doing, whatever her equipment choice, it sounds A-Okay. Don’t forget to list her in the referral section so others can be happy, too.

Now you keep coming here to add to your “hair journal”, okay? I can’t express enough thanks to all of the consumer’s that share their experience from start to finish, good and bad, so that others can benefit and understand.


I agree, but I have found this perfect experience only after 7 months of rigorous search and being persistent.

I am not sure what equipment she uses, but it releases cold air when the needle is being inserted. She has the ability to turn the feature off, but I dont mind it. I will check the name of her equipment during my next appointment. I always used to get the name of the equipment whenever I had my consultations, but somehow forgot this time. May be I found her too good to question on the equipment.

I will post my progress regularly and continue on this post, though the subject does not seem appropriate.

Do I have to be a paid member to add a referral? I think that is true to be able to access.
I will check if I can add to referral section. I shall let you know.