Need major tips on Leg and armhair removal

Hey everyone, I’m new. I’ve been looking around in the forums and I wasn’t sure whether or not to post this in the TG forum or the shaving section because of the content. Anyway, I hope I’m not breaking any TOS. Onto the problem at hand!

Anyway, I’m kind of a newbish crossdresser, I’m not really full time, but as a gay male I’m still pretty self conscious of the hair on my body. I’ve got really thick dark hair on my forearms and all over my legs. I’m finally going to take the plunge and attempt to shave again.

Now, a couple years ago I attempted to shave my legs, and I was met with disastrous consequences. I wound up working in the worst heatwave I’d seen in years with sweat pouring down my body and with insane ingrown hair pain. What a horrible week that was, I didn’t even come out of my room because of the pain. This time, I REALLY want to get it right.

My plan to actually do the shaving is based on a few tips I’ve gotten before. Such as buying a sensitive razor (some told me the shave isn’t as close) and moisturizing shave cream. I’m also definitely going to get a moisturizing lotion as well. Now I’m really not a girlish looking person, so I have no intention of making a full transition, but the thought of at least looking attractive during my attempts at crossdressing I take very seriously and I want to make it work. What do you think I should do to curb the intense pains and chafing I had when I last shaved? Should I bother with a sensitive soft razor or not?

Also I’m worried about my um, bikini line. I’m not intending to shave my genitals, because I don’t really see the need in all honesty, but the hair around that entire area is pretty tricky. What is your advice regarding that area and how could I go about making sure that area does not itch from hairs brushing against the hairless shaved skin?

Also, I’m minorly interested in getting rid of forearm hairs because I think they’re just completely unattractive. Even when I’m not CDing I am really self conscious about it. Most of the time I just wear arm warmers, but is there really a way to get rid of the hair there without it being a pain?

Mostly I’m just really scared about doing this because of all my attempts before ending in large amounts of pain and I really want to avoid it at all costs and still be able to look good in my clothes. Thank you so much ahead of time!

One more question, what would also be a good way to get rid of hair on my butt? Thanks in advance.

Hi Oya:

There is a shaving section elsewhere on the board in case you are interested in posting there.

You should probably try shaving in the bathtub, but make sure you rinse it out well afterwards. Start with a few inches of warm water or even bubblebath.

Wash the area really well with lots of soap and warm water to soften the hair first. With the skin still wet apply a gel type shaving lotion such as Gillette Satin Care for sensitive skin
liberally to the area to be shaved.

Use a womens razor such as the Gillette Venus Divine and shave with the grain of the hair at first, rather than against it.
After the initial removal you can shave against the grain, but don’t press down too hard. Always use a fresh blade rather than a used dull one. You may have to rinse the blades often if the hairs are long to unclog them. The Venus razor has open slots to allow the cut hair to pass through and rinse easily. It also has a pivoting head which is good for the curves. A fresh razor wil also give you a smoother finish.

If you soften the hair first by washing and don’t press down too hard against the skin, or shave against the grain you should lessen the chances of ingrowns.

Also avoid sweating immediately after shaving if at all possible.
Getting salt on the area could spell a lot of pain and irritation.


Hi Oya,

You can turn the object of your distain into a plus. You said the hair you would like to be rid of is thick and dark. Perfect! You would be a candidate for laser hair removal. Do your research before you go plunk down a couple grand on a package deal, as there are several different types of lasers, and you want to get what’s best suited for your needs. An unscruplous business person would of course recommend the type of machine they have.


I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’ve followed all the instructions, I’ve taken every precaution to make sure I don’t wind up with another disaster, I have taken this process one step at a time very slowly over the past month, but the moment I go to shave against the grain, I am left with ingrown hairs all up and down my leg. What am I doing wrong? How can I avoid this?

Some people are prone to ingrowns no matter what. You can avoid them as much as possible, but for some, illiminating them can be an issue. That’s why some of us seek out permanent hair removal methods.

Did you:

  • use a brand new 3-4 blade razor?
  • use shaving GEL (not cream) and left it on for 10 mins?
  • soak your legs for at least 10 mins in warm water?
  • not apply lotion afterwards

for your butt and legs - if the hair is dark and the skin is fair.
Use a Gentlelase on a high setting, you should see some good results.