Need LHR Info. for Orange County, CA

I am just getting started in laser hair removal and I am looking for a laser hair removal center with a good reputation that has well trained, experienced techs or nurses. I have had consultations with a few different offices and now I am more confused than when I started. The price ranges I have been quoted are all over the board - 1.e. from $150 per session to $650 per session for bikini line. (Obviously, I would like to pay less $, but not at the expense of higher quality - if that’s the issue) Not to mention, I have really been speaking with a lot of very unprofessional sounding people who don’t make me feel very comfortable about using the office they are representing.

I have Type II - III skin with dark, coarse hair. I am looking to get my chin, underarms and biking line done. #1 - I was wondering which type of laser I should use. #2 - I am also looking for a recommendation from anyone out there who knows of a good laser center in Orange County, CA where I can get these procedures done.

#3 - Has anyone had experience with getting LHR at Diva Aesthetics Medical Group in either their Anaheim Hills, Westminister, or Laguna Hills offices? Please let me know.

Also, I had a consultation at The Institute of Laser Medicine in Newport Beach and they were the most expensive. They say they use Photolysis HR. What kind of laser is it and is it better than other types of lasers? Is that why it is so much more expensive?

Any help or info on these matters would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!!

Hi Jennyvp,

Well lasers are very different and many are out there I would recommend that u look at which is the complement of this site. I currently use the lightsheer and have been happy witht the results so far.

As far as OC goes the clinic I go to is based out of many areas and is know as Advanced Laser Clinics. They have one in Irvine and the one I go to is in La Jolla.

As far as question 3 goes I have not used any of those services

As far as Laser Medicine goes. Go to that website I mentioned type it in the search part and read about them. Make your own judgement about them as I have not used them.

Hope that helps ask away if you have any questions

Hey Jennyp!

If you do happen to try the place in Irvine that Biker talked about, let us know how it goes please. I was thinking about that place, too, after reading about it, but am 3 hours away so don’t want to drive that far if it doesn’t sound too promising.

I was also looking at ILM…if you don’t mind, how much were they asking for and did they give some kind of “package deal”?


Fieryme, I am planning to set up a consultation with Advanced Laser Clinics (from Biker’s recommendation) and I have another consult set up with a dermatology office in Laguna Hills that uses ND Yag laser. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

As for ILM, personally I wouldn’t even bother going there. I don’t know who posted it, but I remember reading another member’s summary of his experiences at ILM, and it was just like mine…not very positive. It was very “sales” oriented and they were unprofessional. They use what they call PhotolysisHR which is Intense Pulse Light therapy (not a true laser). And…they are sooo expensive and have a very confusing pay price schedule. E.g. - Chin: $400/1st treatment,$300/2nd, $350/3rd, then $250 for each 50 min. treatment after that. They say they recommend at least 4 treatments per person but it could take more…who knows how much you could end up spending. Underarms: $550/1st, $450/2nd, $450/3rd, $250/4th - infinity. Bikini: $650, $550, $550, $250. They do have a “special” where you get $100 knocked off your 1st treatment if you get multiple areas done. Needless to say, I am not going back.

Thanks and I hope things go much better for you there than they did at ILM!!

A Sona Laser Center recently opened in Orange County. phone (949) 495-0085. Ask for Hoshi- he’s the owner.