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Ok i just bought No Touch and need some info.Ive had laser done on me but Im not quite familiar with electrolysis.

What is the basic difference between Galvanic,Thermolysis and Blend.Which of these is the No Touch ? Is 1 better then the other? Is one prone to more scar more easily?
How long will i have to hold the tip in?
How do i know i killed the hair?I tested it on a few hairs and a white bulb like sheath with a black dot underneath was yanked along with the hair shaft? Was that a successful treatment?
Are double hairs coming out of 1 pore as opposed to 1 supposed to be treated differently?
If this doesnt work , are there any good reputable electroligists in New York city that are recommended?
Thanks for any info given :smile:


Me too, I just purchased One Touch and am a little confused myself…

Is salt required for it to work? How much salt? Would adding more salt make it more effective? Regular table salt?

Should the water be warm or it doesnt matter?


The One Touch unit is Galvanic. It is safer and more effective than the other forms of electrolysis, but much, much slower.

Leave the power on only long enough to be able to remove the hair with very little force; this takes practice. The different appearance of the roots indicate the stage of growth that hair was in.

Two hairs exiting one pore often have different roots at different angles and you’ll need to get the tip at the root of each hair.

The salt can be just regular table salt and mix as much as will dissolve (you only need a small amount of water). Temperature is just a matter of comfort.

See for more details.


Oh oh, I dont suppose you can make simple pictures with MS paint or something? Diagrams make things so much easier…


PeterNYC-- sounds like you were making good insertions. Time will tell just how good, but the root sheath is usually a sign you got one in anagen stage.

Here’s some basic electrolysis info:

Hairfacts: electrolysis basics

If the hairs are releasing without feeling plucked, you’re probably OK.