Need help!

Hello every one,

I’ve been getting electrolysis to remove my mono brow.
I have treatments every 2 weeks.
I probably had like 11 treatments and I have maybe 8-10 hairs growing back every 2 weeks.
Anyway I’m not sure what machine they use (they told me but I forgot) all I remember is that it sends an electrical current in the hair but also heats it up.
Anyway recently the person performing electrolysis said that she consulted with other doctors in the area and she changed her settings. She used to have high heat and low current and she switched the settings around to higher current but lower heat.
I’m just wondering is that better?
Should i tell her to go back to my old settings or keep the new ones?
And by the way how can you tell if electrolysis is damaging the hair like it should be?
I read on these forums that the hair is supposed to slide out and not feel like being plucked. Well my hair doesn’t feel like being plucked but it doesn’t feel like it’s sliding out either. It feels like it’s popping out kind of makes a pop noise is that normal?

It should feel like the hair is being released without much resistance, i.e. it shouldn’t feel like plucking where there is resistance.

Sweet it do not feel resistance so i gues it’s at least working.
But what about settings?
Is having the electrical current higher than the heat better or should she change it to high heat and lower electrical current ?