Need Help!

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to this forum and wanted to ask for advice from the experienced people. I’m 19 y/o and since I was younger always
had problems with hair, I think it’s Hirsutism (an hormonal problem) I have light skin and dark gross hair in the abdomen, arms, legs, lowerback, and face plus I have acne in my back…

Almost all my body is kinda hairy and now I’m looking for solutions; Should I go to an endocrinologist, dermatologist or just do laser?

I really need to get rid of this hair & acne, need a permanent solution. Any recommendation?


you need to find out if you have underlying medical conditions/hormonal issues and start taking medicine to control them before you start any hair removal procedure. so yes, go to the endocrinologist first and have him run some tests. the reason is because if you don’t treat it first, you will continue to develop new hair even as you remove what’s there now with laser, so you won’t see a big difference. once you get the underlying cause under control, you can go ahead and start laser treatments.