Need help


I am a 20 year old male and I turn 21 in august. I have always just shaved the little amount of hair on my chest and my happy trail. Well i had a little bit of hair on my back in the midportion. Well i had it waxed and my back broke out really bad. so i decided to try laser and i got burns and marks all over my back. I am seriously losing this battle Andrea and i want to win. I was a bodybuilder in high school and never used steriods but I used alot of supplements. I really need to get rid of the hair. I also have been worrying about the hair and stressing over it does this make hair grow thinker or more course? Please give me your advice everything is falling apart for me! It is ruining my life! I dont know what to do. My legs and arms seem to be getting more and more hairy. Everything is falling apart for me and I was wondering if there was maybe a medical problem with me? What would I need to get checked out other than my pitutary gland. Andrea all I do is sit at my computer and read your site! This problem of hair is ruining my life and I feel like quiting. I know this is superifical but hair and bodying building just dont mix! Please Help in any way! I just dont want to do something stupid again!



I have a couple of ?'s.

Do any of your relatives have a lot of hair?

On men after twenty, the body does start getting more hair all over, it’s just part of the aging process.

Yes, there a few way to rid yourself of hair.

Also, Since, you said you read many statements here, did any of them seem to fit your catagory as in sensitive skin etc.?


My dad bearly has any hair on him at all, I didnt know my grandparents and my mom is hair free! What should I do? My stomach is starting to get little hair all over it. I really think that I have a hairy problem! Does worrying about hair make it come in thicker?


If worrying made your hair thicker, a hell of a lot of people would look like a big ass bear.

I am not a dermatolgist but yes, it still can be genetics from your family a couple of generations ago.
Having said that, from the replies, that you have seen, what might you be interested in to removed the hair?
I would assume you want something perm by the way your reacting? Is that corect?


Yes I would love something perm. but i tried laser and the tech had the laser at 38 and it burned and blistered my back! Nothing else is perm. other than electrolise and that would take months to complete!
Could a dermatologist tell me if it was a problem other than genetics.