need help with my sugar mix!!!

Hi, Im a guy who is determined to sugar my hairy arms…well twice Ive tried to make my sugar formula (2 cups sugar, 1/4 water, 1/4 lemon juice…heat to 250 and let sit)…no matter how long I let it sit it is runny like honey and I believe I want a thick paste. Tried to reheat the jar (supposed to get thicker)…but still like honey?? Plus at the 250 degrees it boils over?! thus killing a burner on my stove…ughh…but Im still determined. I have had my arms waxed before…so if I could just get my paste correct. Should I just buy some premade stuff at this point? Since I bought all the stuff Id like to make my own. Well thanks in advance for any advice…

Alright I did a little more experimenting…cutting the amount in 1/2 to avoid overflow I boiled for a longer period (no thermometer)holding the pot above the burner mostly so it would not overflow…now I have a nice amber colored(before it was more like clear yellow) mix in a jar thats getting nice and thick…let you know if it works!

Well it worked pretty good! Though I now see the problem with getting the mix to a nice spreadable consistency without it being to hot. Less sugar next time. I did most of my left arm and hand…so smooth! I was glad to see a lot of the hairs coming out at the root. I need to play with my mix ratios so it spreads easy. Cant wait to finish the job! I am heavily tattooed and it looks soooooo much better! Oh and I just used that muslin cloth thats at any fabric store.

I’m a male, and I’ve been thinking about sugaring my leg hair. How long should my hair be to sugar it? Also, once you are done using the sugar paste, can you reuse it another time? Can you store it wherever? Or does it have to be in a cold place (like a refrigerator)?