Need Help: Will Sugaring Give Me White Heads???!

Hi Everyone,

I have a history of developing white heads while getting waxed, I have gotten this 3 different times with three different waxing professionals. I have never tried sugaring, do you think that attempting sugaring is a good idea?

Is my skin just naturally prone to developing white heads or does occur less when sugaring is done?

Any repsonses would be greatly appreciated!!

while i don’t think that its anything that the aestheticians are doing wrong, sugaring is definitely better than waxing. the reason why you’re developing white heads is probably because you’re not keeping the area free of oil and dirt and the area might also be covered by tight clothing. be sure to keep the area clean especially the first few days after getting your wax job. tendskin is a good product to clean the surface of oil/dirt as well as a good preventative of ingrown hairs.