Need Help Suing Local Laser Hair Removal Clinic

I paid $2,800 for a local hair removal clinic to remove my back hair. Well, they told me it’s an average of 5 treatments to work. HAHA, well I actually caught them in a lie, when I said to them on the phone, “How come a friend of mine was treated at another place and was successfully treated in 3 treatments!?” Then they responded, “That’s impossible, you can’t be treated in under 5 treatments!!!” After I heard that I became very pissed, because they told me all along that it is an “AVERAGE” of 5 treatments, and not a “MINIMUM” which is what they should have said. Anyway, the only bad thing I did was sign a contract which stated things along the lines of “not guaranteed to be permenent, etc, etc”. That doesn’t matter to me though, because the fact of the matter is…I would not have signed on to their service if they were honest with me, and didn’t lie about the average number of treatments being 5. That is the minimum, and I think everyone who reads this post knows that laser hair removal requires a hell of a lot more than 5 treatments. I mean I had 5 treatments done and it did absolutely nothing for me. I gave almost $3,000 to these scumbags for what? So they could go out and add a jacuzzi to their home, or go on a cruise? I could have given that money to charity if anything else. These people need to be stopped. My court date is May 4th, 2004. I need legal advice, i.e. what I can use for ammunition in court, what I need to say in court, etc. If anyone can help me in any way, please, please e-mail me:

Your expience is very common today! The x-laser giants the Greehouse and the New York based Vanishing Point both with many locations are presently in "Class Action’ law suits.

We average about 2 new x-laser patients per week and most do go for legal action and receive most of their money back. The money they get back is well over the amount to finish whatever problem they need taken care of. They now have vacation money, besides looking good for life.

Send me an email and also read very carefully the site