Need help starting treatment!!

This is probably in the wrong forum but i really didnt know where to post it. sorry.

I’m a 20 year old girl and i live in the Uk and i have very low self esteem because of unwanted hair problems. I have always been hairy but my problem was made unbearable after i underwent Roaccutane treatment for my acne, increased hair growth was a side affect. My main problems are my face and bikini line and i have decided that i HAVE to do something about it now as it is really affecting all aspects of my life!

I really dont know what to do to start myself on the process of permenant hair removal. I have a lot of facial hair which at the moment i pluck and sometimes use hair removal creams. None of this has helped really as it takes ages and grows back before i have time to redo it.
I went to my doctor and she suggested that i go on the pill, but also said that this might not be very effective.

I cant spend a lot of money on treatments that dont work as i am a student at the moment and i have to use my money carefully. But i am willing to save up if i can feel confident that i will see improvement. I am scared i am going to be scamed like many other people. I have looked into my local salon but everyone who works there looks like they have just come out of high school so i dont know if i can trust them. Do you know of any official list of trusted salons in london??

I have also tried proffesional waxing on my bikini line but the redness that it causes last just as long as the hair-removal. And it has caused quite a few in grown hairs.

I just dont know where to start?? As in england it isnt as easy to find proffesional people.

Please help


oh my god.finally someone i can relate to. im 16 and have got the same problem as confidence is non existent because of my body hair.ive decided i cant live like this nemore so i booked a consultation 4 epilight treatment im going in a few days hopefully it will be alright but im a bit nervous about it.
have u got black hair and white skin? i have and ive read that i should be a good candidate.
if you want any more info you can email me at

hope you get on ok.

  • Joanna.

try for info about london hair removal places

Hi there!

I can totally relate to the feeling of having unwanted hair and not a lot of money. Here’s my suggestion:

Find a really good hair removal practitioner.

Start on your face for now. Everyone sees your face, while not so many see your bikini line.

Your practitioner will help you determine a course that’s right for you. Set aside a little every week. Even if it’s just a 15-minute electrolysis session, thatbetter than nothig, and it adds up.

Start where the hair is most noticeable. Usually this is the chin and upper lip. As you are able to keep these areas clear, start working on other areas. Soon it will be inder control.

Remember, permanent hair removal requires someone with a lot of skill and the right equipment. An electrologist must insert a metal probe into the follicle if you want a proven permanent result, and the laser needs to be a recognized brand. If you aren’t sure, post the type here and we’ll help.

If money is the main issue, I’d probably look for the best electrologist I could find and do small session as often as you can afford them.

Good luck, and let us know if you have other questions!