Need help purchasing an electrolysis machine

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It has been a while I am doing some research about electrology profession but at this moment I am thinking to buy a machine ,not too expensive , just for the sake of practice and see how I am going to like it. Any suggestion where I can buy a used machine? Has anybody ever bought anything from Texas electrolysis supply website?
Is there any similar supplier in Canada?

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beware the apilus Senior for sale for $100 in ontario by “herb” in westport. This person tried to pull a bait and switch on me yesterday. Kijiji is often a good place to look in canada for used machines.

Apilus electrolysis machines in Kijiji:

yup. and thats exactly how you look for the,. Keep in mind that is for a quebec wide search and that you will likely have to speak french, to strike a deal with someone. Also the usual craigslist/ kijiji scam warnings apply. Watch out for bait and switch, always deal in person and in cash, check everything out thoroughly before you buy it. Ontario usually has a few as well. Good search terms for quebec" Apilus Sillouette Tone, VMC , Electrolyse . In ontario electrolysis Apilus VMC FIsher Silouette Tone.

Hi Seana and Dimi,
Thank you so much for your response.
I usually check Kijiji to see if I can find something around me (I live in Vancouver suburb) then I can see the device in person so I can pay in person as well. but I haven’t seen anything come up around me. as you mentioned, most of them are sold in Quebec or Ontario.
is there any legit supplier that they sell used one with reasonable price?
what is the least expensive new unit that I can purchase?


Texas Electrolysis Supply is legitimate. They are having trouble with their phone system right now so are asking people to call their local number not the 800 number.
Dectro and Silouette Tone both require your electrologist certificate as best I know. Dectro may not care, but they still ask for quite a bit for used machines. In the " a few hundred bucks " range the only places you find them are kijiji or the odd time craigslist or ebay. The problem I see with ebay, its a sellers market and machines get bid up to crazy prices.

The downfall for kijiji is severalfold. First, it’s designed to facilitate face to face transactions. There is no opportunity for you to inspect the property if you are having someone ship something and no guarantees on the product if it doesnt work correctly. While it is possible to interact with sellers in other provinces and have them mail you the goods, this also leaves you open to various scams that can take place on kijiji. In short if you send money somewhere there is no guarantee you will recieve something useful to you in return. So while it’s possible to email ( in french) someone in quebec to buy a machine from them and have it shipped to you, it’s unlikely they are going to take anything non-guaranteed for payment, no credit cards, cash, or certified money order , and even then, you could end up with someones broken crap.

Electrology isnt a big enough medium to have a glut of available machines ( that someone paid several thousand dollars for at some point) that there are any dealers in used machines here in canada.

You’re correct there is nothing listed in BC, but I did find this ST250 in calgary which moght be helpful for you:


Seana is right,

Dectro will not sell electrolysis equipment without certification(not even probes).
It has to be considered also that if you buy used machine, you have to send it to legit service to verify it and calibrate.
Without certification will be more difficult to buy the accessories like probeholders, probes etc.

Hi guys,

I really appreciate your responses, I think my best bet is to keep an eye on kijiji or Craigslist and see what comes up.

How often do you calibrate your machines? Do you send them to the manufacturer ?

Remember, these machines are a lot like a home theater stereo system. They don’t usually need maintenance, and when they do, it is typically minor.

Some people never have their machines recalibrated.
I typically sent mine in about once every 5 years unless I just happened to be near a service center or met the techs at an event somewhere. Most often, they said the machine checked out fine, and all they did was update some software (I don’t do online updates) reinforce the solder on some connections, and once or twice I had my printer replaced.

For most machines you have authorized service centers and the manufacturer to choose from for service. Many of the suppliers also do repair work.

Thank you, James, for clarification.

I have some updates on my effort to buy an electrolysis unit and I need some advice from you pros.

I called Texas electrolysis and they suggested to start with uni probe that apparently it is only thermolysis method and the price was about USD 550.

I called Dectro and as I heard from you guys on other posts they don’t sell if you are not licensed. I was looking for apilus junior. (just out of curiosity does anybody know why they have this law in effect?)

my hunting on craigslist and Kijiji:
I found a Hinkle I don’t know the model but it had 2 control panel in front. the lady was selling with a Zeiss microscope and she said she won’t sell separately. and the combined priced was $5500 way over my budget.

I saw a Apilus Cleo for CAD 1550. I wonder anybody has experience using that? how much is the brand new one.

thank you very much all

The Cleo is a very basic machine, one step beneath an apilus Junior. I see them sometimes come up on kijiji for 400-800 dollars at most.$1550 is about double it’s value.

I dont know anything about the uniprobe machines from precision. I’m not a fan of precision probes however who are the only people who make the uniprobe as it’s a proprietary design. I understand af shank probe holder is available for the uniprobe . I also would not recommend pure thermolysis for a DIY er ,really at all. It is very possible to cut skin or cause scarring with thermolysis in the hands of an untrained individual.Heck I’ve done it and felt very foolish afterwards, because , I know better that to try it.

I would still look at arranging to get one shipped from ontario or quebec. There are more machines in this region for some reason.My other electrologist, recently bought an Apilus Senior for $400 privately and I almost bought a second for $100. The deals are out there if you look for them.


Hi Seana,

Thank you so much you are amazing. I will keep my eyes on something like apilus junior. That would be amazing if I can find something between 100 to 500 cad.
I wonder if you have any posts on hairtell about how you started and your dos and don’ts then you can refer me to?

Thanks Ruz

it’s all out there. Look under the nick SeanaTG and this one.Search function is your friend.

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