Need help pricing a couple of electrolysis units

hi all, my mum recently suffered a stroke and can’t work any more so I am selling off some of her equipment. One is an ISIS epilation module … no serial or model number. the other is a BC Epilation 1000 module. serial no 0013.

can anyone advise what these might be worth?

also if anyone is interested I am selling a couch & an Apilus Cleo and a magnifying glass. All in London, UK, N3. Pix available. Email or PM me.


First I want to wholeheartedly send my best wishes for a recovery for your mom, I hope she does recover fully and she is a presence in your life for many years to come. I’m really sorry this happened.
Unfortunately I’ve had to deal with kids having to dispose of parents stuff before, when I bought my second machine. In that case the mom had deceased. I can tell you that poor vendor had absolutely no idea what their mom did or what anything was for.So I ended up buying a batch of stuff they called “electrolysis equipment” from a picture, and I did spot an apilus epilator that I use to this very day and identified it from the picture alone, for $300. However when I went to get this they of course attempted to give me all the stuff pictured ( and some not). Included in this, was a facial steamer and a microderm abrasion machine, which I later identified and found retailed for over $6000. These poor kids had no idea what was in mom’s “electrolysis stuff” . So I told them to keep it, what it was worth and where to best sell it, for far more than what the electrolysis machine was worth.

I’m assuming you are very much in the same boat, and you are taking the right approach by trying to identify items you arent innately familiar with, and I’ll try to help the little bit I can as I tend to shop the used esthetics equipment market a bit.

The apilus cleo, could be a couple different models. Some of the cleos were capable of thermolysis only and other blend. If you are seeing blend on the control panel then fantastic, you have a machine capable of performing blend that is perfect for advertising in this forums DIY section, where such is almost constantly in demand.If it’ss a thermolysis only machine, well its still very marketable but you’ll probably want to try on craigslist oor kijiji to sell it to gain the widest audient. The cleos are a basic starter model electrolysis machine and I’ve seen them advertised frequently for $400-800 or so, but most frequently in the 400-600 range.

The magnifier light is a common item and popular not only in esthetics but with hobbyists and gemologists. They arent worth alot unfortunately I bought one for $60( used) and they are about $150-200 new.

If by “couch” you mean esthetics bench or chair, these vary wildly in value and in accordance with their construction and features. Top of the line hydrolic benches can cost in the 1000-1500 dollar range for really expensive ones used, and basic plain tables can go for as little as $100. Basically the more fancy gadgets ( hydrolics, extensible parts, electric adjusting) you have and the better the condition the more it’s worth. Shipping such across country would be prohibitively expensive, so craigslist or other more local forsale ad sites would be a better spot.

I have not heard of an ISIS module or a BC Epilation module. Is it possible your mom did laser as well as electrolysis and these are parts of a laser machine? The low serial number is making me suspect a laser machine, but in essence these could be anything. A picture of them may help some of the pros here identify them , even if they are not familiar with the models they might be able to tell you something as to what they are from the controls.Donnt sell anything you havent identified its maker and retail value for carefully.

Dont be overly tempted to piece all the parts over, since the basics of epilation can often be sold as a lot to a esthetics school graduate as a working package. Usually this means the epilator itself, a bench, a magnifier, an esthetics stool and bench, and a rolling cart for the epilator and supplies to be kept.

Good luck.Craigslist and kijiji are good spots to get a wide audience. I dont see alot of equipment sell through here, but it does happen.