need help please


i am looking for a machine to remove the air in all my face, as well under arm etc. i found this;
Synergie VRX.705
The MSRP for this system is $2995
The Synergie System has the following features not found in any other device on the market:

Superior and more efficient then electrolysis

No possibility of scaring, redness, or nerve damage

No license or training is necessary

Uniquely formulated high-frequency output programming responds to different parts of the body to achieve optimal results.

Its superb segmented control mode features numb electric pulses that provide initial partial numbness, an intermediate output of high-frequency electro pulses thoroughly disintegrates follicles, finished off by final canceling pulses, making hair removal a painless experience.

The tweezers never heat up even after extended uses to avoid accidental burn, and provide extra comfort to the clients.

An innovative trigger device activates current emission and executes the hair removal procedure simultaneously through one easy and effortless procedure.

For more information, visit the manufacturer’s website at

please if somebody can give a oponion , will be appreciatted, gueisha


It’s specification says it’s applicator is “Electronic Tweezer”. Unfortunately, Electronic Tweezers do not work. You’d be totally wasting your money. Look for a device with a probe, as in a conventional electrolysis device.