Need help NOW!


It appears my skin is becoming increasingly more sensitive. It now hurts to shave (both legs and armpits), and my armpits seem to have ingrown hairs or at least razor bumps, regardless of what I try. My legs always have ingrown hairs. I have pale skin and somewhat dark hair, though on my thighs it’s blonde. After reading the information for laser hair removal, I am hesitant to get it. I’m really confused as to why suddenly my skin is so sensitive (nearly 22, not pregnant, no known hormonal changes or illnesses), it used to be rather sensitive but now it’s so much worse…
Anyway, anyone else in the same boat and found a good treatment? I really can’t do with the armpit pain anymore. The leg pain is bad (I haven’t been able to shave over the skin on my knees in ages without pain) but it’s difficult to wear clothing.
Sorry such a jumbled post. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


From what you describe, I would point in the direction of getting a consult with a dermatologist,as such sensitivity is not normally described to this degree.

If you are that sensitive, you would not be able to bare laser hair reduction of permanent hair removal with electrolysis, so right now, hair is not your number one problem.


Thank you dfahey. I looked at dermatologists last night, looks like I’ll be paying one a visit soon.


You are very welcome. I hope the best for you. Come back and let us know if this mystery gets solved.


I will! Left a message to set up an appt with the dermatologist…and the people on this system have a tendency to wait awhile to get back.