Hi there.
Andrea, I’m considering a laser hair removal now.
I want to remve hair from face , chest…
I’ve light scin and really black hair.
However, thenks to your works, I saw a lot of people have been burned by laser.
I don’t want to get any burns or scars on my face and anywhere else.

So could you please advice some safe (and preferrably effective) lasers that I better have to consider ?

I also would appriciate an advice to which doctor I better go in New York.

Thanks a lot and have a great day.

Teen, you sound like a good candidate. There are many great practitioners in New York. I don’t recommend specific places, but I generally recommend going to a place with a dermatologist. It may cost more, but I believe it’s safer.

I would begin treatment anywhere but the face, to see how you respond. If you get a burn on your armpit, it’s much easier to conceal than one on your face. If you go to someone good, you shouldn’t get a burn if you follow instructions carefully.

If you type in “new york laser hair removal” at www.google.com, you’ll find a good list of places to research.