Need help getting a clear picture of hair.

OK people, I’m hoping to travel abroad for treatments. I need to send some pictures of my hairy situation to the electrologist, so she can try to access the hours I might need. How on earth do you get clear pictures of accelerated blonde hair?

Hi max, you need a camera with good macro focus. If you know anyone with a dslr that should solve your problem.

And allso a good friend who knows something about photographs and of course good lightning conditions… Any of these things missing will result in blurred, not focused or creepily composition of the photographs…(like those I allways send here :D)

Well hopefully, anyone with a DSLR should know those things…!

Thank you both…on a mission to find someone with a DSLR camera now.

Exsactly like you said, should…but often dont :smiley:

But for this type of cameras you need allso the appropriate lens to be able to do that. And I think not many people have lenses for macro…

If not possible, allso small premium digital cameras (3-5x zoom) for example from Nicon should do the job nicely - their lenses are primary made for lower distances and macro.

Hi Miro, you don’t necessarily need a macro lens. I have a macro lens (it needs some repairs though) and to be honest, it’s better if you want a good image of a few hairs. Otherwise, the standard kit lens with a wide focal range takes a perfectly good macro shot of the whole area to see the density and thickness of hairs.

Max - if you don’t find anyone, maybe I can assist. Like Miro said, some of the higher end consumer digital cameras are fine too.

Awww bless you Stopit, thats really sweet of you. Fingers crossed I’ll find someone who is able to help, but will remember your kind offer if unable to. Thank you!