Need help... could someone explain?

I had electrolysis (thermo) done on the lower part of my beard… now at almost every tiny hole which used to have hair, there are dark tiny spots. It this normal? will it go away? could someone, please, explain what it is?

Hi kaban. It would be helpful to know how long ago you had electrolysis done (yesterday? a week ago? or longer?)

It was done 3 days ago. the whole procedure was hardly painful, just a little sensation. The operator applied around 2 or 3 seconds of current and the hair came out quite easily afterwards. They are not ‘skin spots’… cuz when i gently scratched one spot, it got removed… is this normal?

These are small scabs. They’ll go away within a week or two. But don’t scratch them off, because if the skin under them is not sufficiently healed you may end up with some pitting or scarring. Scabbing is normal. The amount of scabbing can depend on the machine used, the operator, your own biology or everything together.

I agree with all that yb said. The skin is a wonderful organ and heals nicely. I’m not real concerned about what you describe, but give your electrologist some feedback so she can make adjustments. With those first couple of treatments, the electrologist is trying get to know your skin reaction and make necessary changes until a good working point is found. To reiterate, don’t rub or pick off the scabs!

Yeah, I noticed :blush: . Thanks a lot, guys!