Need Help and Opinions

Ok, So this is the situation. I am of south Asian (Indian) decent, and am somewhat fair skninned for and Indian. The hair on my face is dark brown but not very coarse as I have not waxed any more than 2 times. well, about 5 and a half years ago I had “laser hair” removal done with the Epilight (ruby) laser. It was a fortune, costing me about 650 dollars per a session for just the cheeks! Well, the results at the time were minimal if even existent. I couldn’t tell ANY difference. This could have a great deal to have to do with the fact that the procedure was relatively new at the time.
Well, at any rate I am ready to give it another go! Only thing is I don’t want to get ripped of again. I am in college and cannot afford it! So, I wanted opinions on what a good laser might be for a lighter complexioned Indian? Also, what have been others findings on the American Laser Center? Anybody know any good doctors in Houston?
Well, any information would be VERY useful as I am pretty lost on this issue but eager to find a good doctor and to get the procedure done!
Thanks a billion!

Hi there,
just wanted to mention that the Epilight is not a laser, it uses intense pulsed light (IPL) which is different than laser.
I would definitely recommend you go with a type of laser treatment this time around if the IPL didn’t work for you.

Can you go to this site and rate your skin type? ? It will help so you can decide which laser would be best for you.

Take care.

Wow! I was misled by my doctor to think that was a laser! thanks for the information and site! BIG help