Need Help/ Advice

Ok, a little background first.

  • I’ve had electrolysis and it pigments my skin. Hair removed is pretty much permanent.
  • I’ve had 3 sessions of IPL in which the Vasculight machine was used. Although not as much as electrolysis, it too has pigmented my skin a bit turning it pinkish. After 3 sessions, hair is much thinner but not gone. I have 3 more sessions left but may only go for one more depending on how my skin does.

What I would like to know, would a real laser be hard on my skin? I’m very light with some very thick and dark, and also some fine hair. What laser would be best considering the tendency of my skin to pigment?

I just want the best possible hair removal without any more damage to my skin.

In my experience, the nd:yag does very little damage to the skin, redness stays for about 2 hours then disapears completely. Comparatively, the Lightsheer redness can last for a few days to a week (at least for me) but is more effective.

So if skin sensitivity is your main concern, I would go with the nd:yag, you might need more treatments though.

I have treatments with both IPL (Aurora) and laser (GentleLase and CoolGlide). The only time I have had any type of burns is with the IPL, even though I think the lasers’ relative settings might be higher. It could be because of the light is dispersed with the IPL. I don’t know. The IPL was pressed against the skin and discharged. When the lasers that were used, the head was actually around an inch away. It could be done this way because the laser passes through the light colored skin and penetrates down to the follice (the dark follice attracts the light and soaks it in).

In theory, both IPL and laser is supposed to work the same way. The burns, though they were minor and the “scars” were gone after several weeks, might have been caused from operator error, too.

laser works by being attracted to the pigment in the skin. when you say you’re light, what do you mean exactly? as you understand, that’s very subjective when we can’t see a picture. everything is relative. if you look up the Fitzpatrick skin chart, you can try to determine an approximate skin type. Also, what is your heritage? Any darker skinned relatives? Asian skin also has a bit more pigment even though it looks light. There are many variables.

If you did get pigmentation, it’s because whatever machine was used was set at too high of setting. Now, that setting might have been the lowest to actually affect the hair, but that doesn’t mean your skin can handle it. ND:Yag lasers are the best for pigmented skin, they’re made for that. The downside is that they are not the best on the finer hair. They will work well on dark coarse hair. What type do you have? Either way, if you experience pigmentation with others (and it’s definitely not due to the lack of skill on the tech’s part), then that’s your only laser option.

Also, when you had electrolysis, did you try different ones and different electrolysis methods to compare the aftermath? Also, did you perform the necessarily after care after each treatment?