Need help about scheduling treatments

Hey there I’m currently getting treated on my face(upper cheeks and between eyebrows) with lightsheer diode.

They reccomend every 6 weeks which is alight for my cheeks but the hair on my unibrow grows much slower. isn’t it bad to treat too early? They won’t treat my eyebrows in seperate appointments.

so my question is can i get both areas treated at the same time after a certain amount of time has passed? how many weeks?

Anybody have any ideas?

I still need some help for this so hopefully you guys will notice this thread.

If you have no hair on the unibrow, do not treat it. If you need to do both at the same time, I guess every 6 weeks will not hurt. If you wait 8 weeks till your unibrow grows, then your cheeks may have too much hair.

I guess, for one time, wait 8 weeks and do them all at the same time and see what happens.

What do you mean the cheeks will have too much hair at 8 weeks though?
i’ve had 3 treatments and it seems the hair doesn’t grow as fast anymore so i think i’ll try to get both areas treat at 8 weeks like you suggested.

8 weeks sounds good. This way, you may have hair on both areas at the same time.