need help a.s.a.p.


im a male about 22 years of age and want to get rid unwanted back hair.i have been thinking about buying nads.has any body else used this?does it work?also i was reading over at [about-hair-removal dot com]
that the recommend using ultra hair away after nads for best that a good product?also could i use nads on the butt area?if nads isnt a good product what other wax is?i dont want to spend alot of money and would like something that could be dont at home.please lmk asap :grin:


I found Nad’s to be totally useless. Don’t waste your money. All it does remove is your money. It makes a big sticky mess too. Either shave, get a professional wax, or laser treatments. Laser treatments work very well on back hair.

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Hi ilikecookies!

[about-hair-removal dot com] is one of about 100 domains owned by Ultra Hair Away. :angry: That’s why they recommend Ultra Hair Away with any hair removal.

Ultra Hair Away is a scam. For details, please see:

Oh, Nads is lame, too. Many people find it doesn’t grasp hairs very well and leaves you covered in green goo.


what home wax would you recomend then?please lmk


I found Parissa Wax Strips to be a pretty good product. I’ve never used any other type of home waxing so I have nothing to compare it to, but I was satisfied. They work very well on areas where the hair grows in one direction. And I was surprised at how little pain there was, especially compared to an epilator.

They are also relatively inexpensive at $14.00(including shipping)for 16 large body wax strips. [Parissa dot com]

BTW I used them on my lower back and butt. I got about about 85-90 percent of the hair with the waxing and used an epilator to finish the rest off.


cool thankz for the advice.i guess i will try them out since they are pretty cheap.has anyone else tried these?what was your results?please lmk


I used the Parisa hot wax and found it to be a terrible experience. I used the Perisa body sugaring, slightly warmed, for about 4 to 5 years. It was a little messy to use but did not create screaming pain and did not hurt the skin in any way. The down side is that the sugaring is not as effective at getting all of the hairs as wax.

If at all possible get a friend to help you, trust me it is much easier and more effective with some help. It is important to be able to keep the skin tight.


Malanagaster, I have used the Parissa strips and found them pretty good, too, especially on longer hairs on legs and arms.

I’ve never had much luck with sugaring. I have a hrad time getting the consistency and heat right. I usually just make a big mess. :frowning: I find waxing kits a little easier, but be very careful with the temperature-- you can burn yourself if you get carried away with the heating/microwaving.


I really can’t get over how little pain there was. When I tried to epilate that area, I wanted to cry.

With waxing the pain lasted about 5 seconds and seemed to be duller than when I used an epilator. It was almost enjoyable, in an obscene kind of way.

I had some nice classical music to pump me up, too.



you mentioned that you waxed your butt+lower back at home. did you do it yourself? if so, was it hard position-wise? i have been thinking about doing some butt-waxing myself, but i usually shave it and the logistics of that are pretty difficult as it is. any tips?


Besty, here’s a tip: figure out a position you can stay in while you apply and remove the wax. The less moving around while the wax is on, the better. Some do it lying down, other standing, but the trick is not to bend or twist, which can loosen the wax too soon and make treatment less effective.

Some find wax strips are easier for hard to reach areas-- fewer steps.


andrea- thanks so much for your speedy replies! it’s great to have a place i can finally ask these questions.


I would definitly recommend having some help. Trust me I know I have a lot of experience at both self waxing (actually more sugaring than waxing) and having someone wax me.

If anyone in the Ottawa area ever wanted someone who can truely understand there situation and is looking for a friend to help them out I would like to volunteer my services.

I prefer to use sugaring but will do wax if you prefered. All body parts will be treated.