need help 2free myself

hello guys. my name is Amit, and i live in England, and i am 20.

I really need advice. I have hairy body, and its horrible when I look at myself in the mirror. I tried 2 laser treatments, but it dried my pockets completely, it so expansive.
I bought e-pen but is no use, and I also have used Kalo that’s useless.

So guys, can anyone tell me a hair removal system that really works, I am fade up of people taking advantage of me, over my disability.

I just want to wear a t-shirt at summer and go swimming.
Please Help :frowning:

Electrolysis is the only proven permanent hair removal system. That being said, it is not easy to find the best person to do your work in your area, no matter where you are.

If you are in an area where there are no good practitioners, or the best practitioners are far away, you man need to travel.

Just make sure to get as many consultations and sample treatments from as many practitioners as possible before you choose who will have the all important contract to by YOUR personal electrologist. The skin you save will be your own.

If you can’t afford to have electrolysis done professionally you can try doing it yourself with the One-Touch unit. It takes a lot of patience but it worked well for me!