need "downtown" NYC referral

I was unsure whether to post this in the referrals section or here, but since it concerns work on my netherparts, I thought it might be disruptive in one of the more general forums.

I’m in the NYC area and have had most of the work in that region done by Kenneth Hay at Affordable Electrolysis, with whom I was extremely satisfied and highly recommend. Unfortunately, for family reasons, he had to relocate to Florida and has closed down shop as of the end of last year.

Before he left, I asked if he could recommend another practitioner but he was unable to find someone. Both Kenneth and the surgeon agree that I only need at most a few more hours’ work and I’d like to have it completed soon as I’m planning to schedule SRS for this summer or possibly even late spring.

I realize that there have been inquiries for NYC recommendations before, but I’d like a more current one. Thanks all.

I have checked around and all the people I know in your area say they don’t “go downtown” to use a euphamism. Am I the only person I know who has no qualms about doing this area of work?

Although I do not know Kenneth Hay, his clients are finding their way to my office in Queens.

James is correct, it is impossible to find electrologists who administer treatment to all body areas and I also know no one in Manhattan who does. However, you did ask for NYC and technically, Queens is NYC, so, if you like, I am about 1/2 hour from Manhattan by subway, and located across the street from the F train. Feel free to contact me and I will address your questions.

Glad to hear it Arlene. After all, Queens is closer than Buffalo.

I wonder how many of my friends got hung up on calling their friends and colleagues in search of information for this poster.

Two more brave electrologists have stepped forward to say that they have both experience and willingness to take on clients in this area of work.

Please give a warm HairTell Welcome to:

Linda Weller of Newburg NY 845-566-4700 (located about 20 mins from West Point)


Lori Arena of Terrytown NY 914-366-0595

Terrytown is probably the closest to Manhattan.

Yes, I know Lori Arena from Tarrytown and I like her very much. Tarrytown is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. It is in Westchester and you can catch buses or trains at the Port Authority but I am not sure about Penn Station. If you happen to have a car, it is a beautiful place to explore before and/or after your electrology treatments.

Aha. It looks as if I can finally post again (was encountering some invalid host problems although none of my settings had changed).

Just wanted to thank both James and Arlene for their informative responses. Arlene, I look forward to our upcoming sessions.

pannonica, LucyPeters is midtown, have you any reason for NOT considering them as this is what I am currently planning on trying/doing myself?


Lucy Peters has mixed feedback here. Run a search.