Need Advice

Im so grateful to be able to read the input from so many experienced people in the electrolysis profession. I feel this is the best forum for me to find answers to my questions. Im going to have the next year available to begin electrolysis on myself. I can see why many professionals cringe at the thought of DIY electrolysis. But at 55 my history includes: tattooing my own eyebrows, lips, eyeliner and even some eyeshadow by myself without numbing cream and the outcome is excellent. I make my own wigs, do my own gels nails and toenails as well as have done my own extensive body piercing on my female genitalia without numbing cream. Not to mention upholstering my own furniture etc. Skill and a high pain tolerance I have but money is scarce and is the reason why I have learned to do so many things myself. My goal is to do my own electrolysis myself on my legs. Starting from my toes and working up. I have very little hair above my knees. Im going to purchase theÂ
Clean + Easy Non-Laser Personal Electrolysis Hair Removal for Face & Body
and if I have to purchase several along the way that is fine. If I only do a quarter size of hair a day than so be it. Also Im going to use Numbskin numbing crème which has almost 11% Lidocaine.
My biggest concern is lighting and magnification. My eyesight is relatively normal …I do need reading glasses. So when it comes to doing electrolysis on any part of my leg that I can reach within 4" of my face I was thinking about purchasing jewelers magnification glasses:

20X 10X 15X 25X LED Magnifier Double Eye Glasses Loupe Lens Jeweler Watch Repair
These glasses have several different attacheable lenses for magnification from 10x to 25x and they are extremely cheap.Â
As for lighting…again for the areas of my legs that I can reach within 4" of my face Im considering:
16X Swing Arm Mount Magnifier Desk Table Clamp Lamp Light Magnifying Glass Len
This lamp is on ebay for a very low price as well. The seller says the magnification of 8x is seen clearly when the lens is 3" from the object and the lens is 4" from the face for a total of 7" from face to object . If I can only see with one eye that is okay as well. But there are some areas of my legs such as the back of my calves that I can not bring closer to my face that 12". Of course dental loupes would solve most all my problems but I can’t afford them. My questions are:

  1. Will the jewelers lenses work for up close electrolysis?
  2. Will the 8x lamp be adequate for up close electrolysis?
  3. Will I need different glasses for the 12" distance electrolysis?
  4. If so what would you recommend on my slim budget.
    Thank you so much

Really good light and visual aids can help, but what is difficult is making proper insertions. This is especially true if you’re working in a mirror or trying to treat a hard to reach area. For example, the inner calf and shin are easy compared to the outer, and the backs of thighs are almost impossible the higher you go. Let us know how it went!