need advice


And what if you start by stop shaving?.
I’ve heard all kinds of nonsense blamed on the Electrolysis but this is the most absurd!

I know it sounds absurd…but when you starting searching on the net and read someting stupid then my mind goes into overdrive. Trust me i do not want to blame the elctrologist at all.

OK, green olive, everything has a reasonable explanation. Tight clothing favors the appearance of folliculitis, hence thighs areas are more likely to develop this type of alterations. Especially in the back of the thighs, because it is under more pressure due to prolonged sitting in the computer chair, looking serious disease that you probably do not have. Seriously stop shaving for a few months, and everything is back to normal.

Have you ever heard of the “yuppie disease”?. As young executives, their image must be impeccable, so they should wear starched collared shirt and tie. This strong and constant pressure on the neck prevents the hair to grow freely and pierce like knives in the delicate skin of the neck, causing severe folliculitis.