Need Advice


Now with that said here’s my problem. I’m 25, male and I’m hairy. I don’t like being hairy. I don’t so much mind the hair on my head and face, it’s the hair that has decided to grow EVERYWHERE else. I would like this excess hair to go away. After reading some of the posts here it looks like a tough battle. Epil-Stop did look promising and even though a chemical burn does sound lovely, I think I’ll stay away from that. I did try Nads, I still giggle every time I say Nads, :slight_smile: but I didn’t have any luck with it. I tried it on my face and it didn’t remove a thing. Nair makes a product for men now but I haven’t really heard anything about the product only that it smells and burns a little.

Does anyone have any advice for a poor college guy trying to rid himself of a hairy curse, other than dipping myself in a vat of acid.


If you can afford it and have dark hair and light skin, go with laser.
You may want to consider electrolysis too but patience will be required. Practitioner skill is very important with both methods.

For less expensive options look at waxing, results may last up to 4 weeks.

Then there is always shaving. Relatively cheap, but not very permanent. If you prefer a blade, get the Mach 3 Turbo. A good electric to use is the Braun Synchro 7526 or 7505.



Would you happen to know some ballpark figures on laser???


Laser treatment costs vary a lot. My first back and chest hair treatment was $1400, which I considered very reasonable. That included one follow up treatment. Treatments after that were on a descending scale and cost less each time.

Andrea may have some treatment cost examples on



Some price samples here.