need advice... should i wax?

ok, so im a fairly hairy guy, and i want to get rid of the hair on my chest and back. ive tried shaving in the past, but my skin is real sensitive and gets really irritated, and ingrown hairs and such. the thing is i want to be smooth, and the only way i could do that with shaving was to go against the grain (i know, ive read thats a no-no)

so i got sick of shaving, and tried nads, only to bleed from the follicles (the hairs are thick on my chest). since then, i just said ‘screw it’ and just let it be, but now im getting sick of it.

im a poor college student, so going to a salon is out of the question. i got a$$raped on textbooks this year so $$$ is tight.

can anyone offer me some advice about waxing that could alleviate the problem of bleeding and or irritation? any particular products anyone could recommend? or is waxing even my best option?

any advice is appreciated

I think with you budget waxing is going to be the best option-
a little bleeding is normal when you remove really thick hairs but excessive is no. I would deffinatly go with another wax if yo are doing this at home (nair makes an ok one) make sure to barrow some clippers and trim the hair down before you start.
You may also consider calling some of your local beauty colleges and seeing what they charge often they can be less expensive or look for deals online-
it is always less painful when someone else does it
good luck

I am cheap so I use a local beauty school for my back wax (in Texas). Its just $20 plus a tip. Shoot, I even get coupons and use those, too. Just remember that it won’t be as high a quality since your getting newbies doing the work (which is kinda fun anyhow). Give it several months to make a judgement as your skin takes awhile to become accustomed to the assault of your waxer!