Need advice, please help

I am hoping for laser in the near future, but my concern is the cost. I’m a student, so I can’t afford to get four to six treatments a few weeks apart, as suggested. I’m wondering if it would work just as well to get treatments as I can afford them, which would be at least several months apart, but it would be a start at least. My concern is if I wait that long, that hair that does grow back will regain its full strenght and I will basically have to start treatment over on those hairs. I know the effects are addative. I’m just eager to get this resolved as soon as possible.

Some considerations: I have type II skin, almost white in a lot places, very dark almost black hair in most places, the areas to be done are neck (but not beard), shoulders, abs, back and tops of arms. I would start with the neck/shoulders, and I wouldn’t have to do all the aforementioned areas at once. I’m mail, 20, and I don’t care at all about pain. Also, I don’t need full permanent removal, just vast permanent reduction, say 75-80% by the time I’m done.

Perhaps the reason is that as I a student, if I decide to wait, I’d have to wait at least a year to start treatments, as I will be too busy to keep going back for touch ups (I could squeeze in an appointment here or there, I suppose).

Also, I live in Cleveland OH and just found out the Cleveland Clinic offers LHR. I have not yet had a consultation but they are highly ranked in all areas of medicine, including number one in the world in cardiology, so if any of that skill transfers to LHR, I feel like I should take advantage of the opprotunity while I still live here, as after I graduate I will probably be moving.

So, back to my original question: I want to start going for treatments as I can afford/fit them in, but I’m not sure if that will stunt the results. What should I do? Any advice.



If you can string two or three treatments together, that would be OK. But I would not get just one treatment and wait several months. I had the opportunity to speak to a laser rep and he said that if you get just one treatment and wait a very long time for the next one, that could actually increase the health of the hair follicle, and that’s the last thing you want.


hair is more easily killed in its first stage of growth, anagen. waiting too long between treatments basically is waiting until the hair goes into its dormant phase, where it will be hard or impossible to kill it. so, in a sense, it’s kind of a waste of money since you’d only kill some of the hair that happens in be in anagen stage. the reason for strict treatment schedule is to get hair lasered as it appears when it’s most vulnerable.

there are many good clinics all over. i wouldn’t assume that this is the best clinic out there and just because they are good in other areas (medicine) has nothing to do with whether they are good at hair removal. they don’t teach it at med school. the best people for LHR are often electrologists who do laser now because they know a lot about hair growth etc and best and most efficient ways to kill hair.

either way, the lhr center is not a good reason to do this and i think it would be a waste of money. in the end, you would end up making the hair stronger and wasting more money because you will need more treatments overall.

that said, most places i’ve been to btw take credit cards. it IS an option to put it on the card and just pay it off as you get money.

Thanks for the advice. What if I could string together three treatmens? That’s probably the max I can afford right now. Then again, if more than three are required, will that just make the hair that grows back that much stronger?
I thought the point of laser was to reduce the strenght, and that any hair that grows back will be weaker and finer?



3 treatments is a good start. After that, they will be probably spaced at 10 weeks anyways, so you’ll have time to get more money. That’s about 2 month and a week or so in between treatments. And like I said, credit cards are great. I use them for all my treatments (although I pay them off right away, I just find them convenient and I get cashback on mine <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> )

Sounds good. I should be able to manage that. Also, as I mentioned in an earlier post, there are several areas I want to have done. I’m eager to get this cleared up as soon as possible, so my want is to have, say, chest, back, shoulders and neck done at the same time at first, and get them all cleared up at the same time. (I know this will be expensive, but I’m saving…) My question is, is this an okay course of treatment, of should I get one area treated first and see how that works?

I apologize if any of these are stupid questions, I just have almost no knowledge of the procedures and don’t want to get ripped off like a lot of people seem to have been.

Thanks for all your advice. I promise to offer whatever advice I can as soon as I have anything to offer.


Hey - I am NO expert, like that other person, but ive had 5treatments now so i do have something to contribute.

Two things to consider:

  1. It could be cheaper overall if you get everything you want to get done, done all at once because you can negoiate. However you said you can’t string alot of treatments together because they are expensive.

  2. It could be better to match sections together, like back, shoulders and back of neck, that way you can string together a greater number of treatments (coz it will be cheaper than doing the everything at once) and then move onto the chest and arms when you can afford to do that.

Hope thats something to consider and help you make a choice

That’s sort of what I was thinking. I think if I find an experienced tech I like I will consider springing for larger areas at once. If I could get back, shoulders and neck taken care of I would at least be presentable.

How much would that cost, does anyone know? I’m sure it varies, but I’ve read some posts of people who think they’re getting a good deal because it’s so cheap and turns out not to work, or else people get overcharged…approximately how much should each section cost (neck, back and shoulders)?



al those areas together are about $300-600 per treatment. really varies from place to place. you need to have 3-4 consultations to get the best deal. and yes, getting several areas done at once is usually cheaper. so i would group them like lawrence said. also, don’t neglect to get test patches done during your consultations so you can see whether it will work before you invest your money. a lot of places also give discounts for paying for all 6-8 treatments up front.