Need advice on some hair issues (newbie)

Hello, I’m a 21year old male, with very hairy legs (well, everywhere below the waist), the hairs are not dark, some are even blond, but they are very long! most 1-2 inches, and together they look very dark, especially when wet (and look like a furry coat), I want to go to a swimming pool a lot soon, and it makes me feel bad, especially because I don’t have almost any hair above my waist. I don’t want to get rid of all the hair completely, because I don’t think it’s manly, but a bit less hair would be great. I heard that sometimes after using hair removal creams/gels it starts to grow less, and is there any way to make the hairs shorter permanently?
I tried using a trimmer (a few cm setting), it was ok, but it takes ages to do, and it grows back extremely quickly. My skin is not sensitive (I’ve used a lot of harsh, anti spot treatments, like benzoyl-peroxide+alcohol) and have never had even redness, although maybe those gels use even stronger chemicals? can you give a bit of advice on those as well?
Maybe I should try something that doesn’t work well (like sensitive hair removal gels), so it would get rid of some hairs, and leave the others?
I also have 3 or 4 dark hairs on my back, and they keep growing even after I pull them with tweezers. What’s the best way to get rid of those as well?

creams don’t make your hair grow back less. You need to pick between shaving, clipping, or do something permanent like Electrolysis or L.A.S.E.R. in order to have fewer hairs in these areas.

I’d suggest laser as well, anything else won’t be permanent and is just a pain. If you wanted it all gone then temporary options are okay, but there’s no easy way to thin it out using a razor or cream, it’s pretty much all for nothing. Even a light cream would probably leave you patchy with spots really bare while others are still hairy.

If your hair is all blonde then laser won’t work very well. Are there any that are darker? Laser works best on dark coarse hair. If you have a mix of blonde and dark hair then I’d say laser is your best bet, as it would remove all the dark hair, and the lighter blonde ones would remain. If they’re too long you can just use electric clippers to shorten it. Not sure why that would take long as you mention, just put a guide on it and you should be able to do both legs in just a few minutes.

Yea, I think laser would be my best option, I guess I should start saving money for it (especially because I won’t need complete hair removal , just a % of what I have), and using electronic clippers for now. How much are laser treatments? and where can I find a good one in the UK?
And about those odd 4 black hairs on my back, will they disappear forever if I use hair-removal gel on them? Which one should I get? I have no idea (in the UK) Thanks

If your roots are dark by chance, laser may help reduce some of the hairs. Electrolysis would take many hours, but it would work well to selectively reduce the hair.

Trimming (clipping) would be best temporary measure for appearance sake to shorten those long hairs.


The ones on your back just pluck them out and when they come back pluck them again. You could do laser or electrolysis but for 3 or 4 hairs I don’t think it’s worth it!

Not sure about cost of laser in the UK, search the forums I’m sure you can find places.

the cost of electrolysis for 3 or 4 hairs is laughable. If you wanted to get rid of them forever, do electrolysis.

Yes, indeed, get electro for those few hairs. It will be as quick as zip-zap-poo. You are young and you may develop more hair as you mature into full-blown manhood over the next decade or so.

Thanks everyone for your advice :slight_smile: