Need advice on lightsheer treatment

I’ve been doing some research and decided to use the lightsheer laser. General info: I have type IV or V skin type with dark black hair(rather dense) I’m going to have my full back, shoulders, and upper arms done. I was qouted at $4200 for a five session package. This includes numbing cream. Is that a reasonable price and is that enough sessions for the areas I want to be treated? How long should I wait betweent treatements? One place told me 2-3 weeks and another place told me 4-6 weeks. I also found out that there are a few differnt light sheer lasers. What are the differnces and which one is best. I also read somewhere that the lightsheer laser sould be relatively new. How old? If anyone has any other useful info that would also be great. Also does anyone have a referral in the Nashville, TN area.

Sorry about the misspellings in the original post. I did forget to add something. How long should each treatment take. I been qouted different treatment lengths. I think it may depend on which lightsheer model is being used but I’m not sure. Also by relativiely new I mean that the machine should be a recent model.

Hi! just from the information you posted, I would not recommended you receiving treatment with a diode machine (which is the Lightsheer wavelength). This particular wavelength is very attracted to melanin, which makes it ideal for hair removal if you have white skin/black hair. For darker skin types, however, hair removal becomes very problematic, since this wavelength will also target the skin, causing hyper- or hypopigmentation, scabbing/crusting, etc. In order to treat your skin type safely, the fluence must be very low, which means you will get little to no results with hair removal. Look for a high-powered Nd:Yag machine (Coolglide, for example, although all the companies have come out with Yag machines now) 1064nm wavelength. This wavelength is ideal for your skin type - with an experience operator you will have effective hair removal with no nasty side effects on your skin. Hope this information helps - pricing is so area-specific. Check other practices in your area to get a cross-section of how pricing goes. ciao! :wink: