Need advice from someone experienced

I am a male. I have a laser treatment scheduled for my full back on Nov 2nd. I am going on a vacation Nov 22. I have somewhat curly body hair and I always experience ingrown hairs. I do not want a back full of ingrown hairs when I am on my trip. For those prone to ingrowns do know how long before you usually experience ingrowns after a laser treatment, and how long it usually takes for them to go away? Nothing I have ever tried has prevented or helped to heal ingrowns including using a lufa or tend skin. I am just curious if 20 days is enough time. I know the hair should fall out after 3 weeks, but I am wondering if my skin should heal in that time? Thanks

I am a female…I just had a brazilian bikini laser treatment exactly two weeks ago today…I have been waxing this area for years and have ALWAYS had horrible ingrowns…surprisingly, I have shed about 60%, but I don’t have ANY ingrowns…my guess is you will be in the middle of shedding on your trip…

On a different note - I don’t know if you know this or not, but when going through laser treatments, those areas can not get ANY color so chances are, nobody will see your ingrowns anyway :wink:

I started to shed hairs within a week of having the laser treatment and hairs starting to grow back after 2 weeks. It’s hard to say what stage you’ll be at as far as hair growth goes as everyone’s hair grows differently and at different rates.