Need Advice From Experts

I am a 32 yr. old light brown skinned (SE Asian) female. I went for a laser consulation today. The doctor said that he would treat me with cutera at 35J and said they have the latest lasers. What do the experts say? Is the energy level and the laser ok for my skin type. Just to mention that I have coarse dark hairs and the area to be treated is face.

Any advise will be appreciated.

look up the Fitzpatrick chart to see what type skin you have. Darker than type IV should use a Yag laser. Which Cutera laser are they using? They have several.

I’m Type IV. They did not mention which cutera, but when asked, said, they would be using Nd:YAG to treat my hairs.

I need to get some more info. on lasers and what skin types they are best for.

Cutera makes a Yag laser called Coolglide. That’s probably what they are using. That’s fine for your skin and hair type. If they seem knowledgeable and experienced, go with them. An alexandrite or a diode laser might be ok for your skin type as well, you’re borderline. You would need to get a test spot done to see how high of settings they can set on either of those types of lasers if you want to try those. They can produce faster results and work better on finer hair than the Yags, but only at high enough settings. If your skin can’t handle those settings, than Yag is the only way to go.