Need advice from a laser pro (RJC2001 could be your subject

Well after waxing every two weeks and constant shaving I have decided to permantly rid myself of unwanted hair. A little back ground info on me is that I am 21 year old male who has been into bodybuilding since I was a junior in high school. I have a very hairy chest and stomach and a semi hairy back. If I went for laser now would it be a bad idea since I am only 21 years old and probally the next couple years of my life would be the most important as far as growing hair. Do you think it would be a waste of money for me to get the treatments at this age? what would you do in my situation! Thanks

TBH, I would’ve thought between the stages of puberty and soon after would be a bad idea but 21 sounds like a good age???

This is a quite confusing topic, so any light to be shed on it (ho ho!) would be useful!

Bump! I’ll be watching this thread with interest.

I would say to go ahead and get the treatments if you have dark hair and normal to light skin and you are not currently tanning. In my experience the hairiest body parts respond the best to laser. I had 50% permanent hair reduction on my chest after one treatment.

I see no reason to wait for laser treatments if you are that hairy. If some follicles sprout hair later you can always get those treated. You may have already reached you peak level of hairiness. This varies a lot from person to person.

My practitioner has treated a male high school swimmer with great results. If you’re in doubt you can always consult a dermatologist.