Need advice for full brazilian LHR pain management

Hi all, new to this forum…

I recently purchased a deal for multiple treatments so I can get full brazilian LHR and I’m really concerned about the pain. The weird thing is I had it done a few years ago at another place and for some reason I had great results everywhere else on my body except in the bikini/brazilian area. I don’t know if it’s because the area itself needs more treatments (I had 5 treatments back then), or if it’s because I was in so much pain that the tech maybe reduced power or rushed through it…not sure what happened really

I know I want to do the full treatment and be done with it, I hate shaving, never waxed there, nothing else feels comfortable…I just want to get it over with but there has to be something I can do to make it more bearable :frowning:

Has anyone had this area done and found a way to lessen the pain? I’ve been looking online for info for so long with nothing definite to go by. The place I’m going to has the cooling thing that’s attached to the laser (from my past experience it’s not enough for me) and they also said “icing” like using an ice pack I guess but they don’t offer the numbing cream. I’ve used numbing cream before with mixed results…plus I’m worried about safety and which is the best cream to use.
I also heard about taking pain med before treatment might help but I’m not so sure about relying on that completely.
What about a combination of these methods…anyone tried anything similar?

Any thoughts, ideas, answers, past experiences would be greatly appreciated…Thanks!

Hi, thanks for the response.
I’m not sure what type I am or what settings were used but I have generally light skin and dark hair. The bikini area is slightly darker, hair is dark and coarse, I think there is good contrast.
I saw some articles online about numbing creams not being safe for large areas. Do they mean like back or legs? It might be a silly question but is the bikini/brazilian area considered large? It’s large compared to lips or underarms but not as large as legs or back. I also read that it’s more risky to cover the area after applying cream…is it better to just go early, apply the cream and wait until it starts to numb the area?

Also has anyone used an ice pack for this treatment? Was it effective?

Thanks for the help.

Thank you for the information, that was helpful :slight_smile:

I JUST did brazillian LHR today…I too had done it years ago, but on my face and back of my neck with terrible results and tremendous pain…today, the assistant numbing cream on me an hour before the actual treatment then covered it…I literally sat there for an hour…talk about HUMILIATING!! Anyway, the treatment was a breeze - no pain at all…however, it is now about 3 hours later, cream has worn off and WOW does it burn! Just took a Tylenol 3 for the pain…will post an update in a few weeks as to how well it worked…had it done by a doctor and the cream percentage was 7%…at 7%, you really don’t feel anything…good luck!

I had full neck down LHR on Monday 10/10/11 with Alexandrite laser. I used EMLA 5% numbing cream. After applying thick globs all over my genitals and arse, just before heading to the clinic, I wrapped up in Seran Wrap very sumo wrestler style. Nothing like wearing a big plastic diaper to make a man feel like a man. Turns out the technician got stuck in traffic so I wandered around in the adjacent mall for an hour or so, just me in my plastic diaper and my very numb junk. Finally, getting treated I’m so glad I humbled and humiliated myself with the EMLA and plastic panties because it really helped. I could feel her zapping me, but it wasn’t bad. And since my pubic hair is like tree trunks, she had the laser firing on high. I’ll be wrapping up in plastic again in December.

Hair free hunk, I just laughed out loud reading your post! I had mine sealed with gauze type pads and plastic, I wasn’t going ANYWHERE! The doctor said I may have to wait in the waiting room if they needed my room…there was NO way I could have relocated! I am wondering though - I am reading that I should have had SOME pain and while I could feel the zap, it really didn’t hurt at all…does that mean it probably didn’t work, or could it be that I was SO slathered in cream (7% - done in a doctor’s office as opposed the laser clinic), followed by ice that I was just lucky? Granted, when the cream wore off a few hours later, I was in pain - felt like a bad sunburn on my crotch! I took a Tylenol 3 and a couple hours later was ok…feeling fine by next morning? Thoughts?

I use a numbing cream and Aleve prior to my Brazilian sessions. A little actually goes a long way. I apply the cream 45 minutes to 1 hour prior to arriving for my appointment. I remove the cream myself in the restroom once I arrive. The feeling is very strange as I pull off the plastic wrap and my privates flop around; I can’t really feel them. I take one Aleve an hour before my appointment and then another about 20 minutes before. My tech starts in on my scrotum and eventually makes it around to the shaft of my penis. I am in no pain throughout, and although I can feel her in the general area I can barely feel anything. That said, I still manage get an erection nonetheless. Sometimes around the edges of the treatment area, where I haven’t applied cream, I can feel the laser, which is unpleasant. I don’t believe I could stand a session without the numbing cream. The numbness wears off after a couple hours.