Need advice and expert on a product call " finally free"

Sowwie, if i am not allow to post this in Laser Hair removal but i need a advice on this product if anyone have used yet or have any comment on it. The product is called "Finally Free Permanent Hair Removal."I believe how this product work is by sending radio frequency wave through the hair killing it at the root. This is the product website:
I am planning to get laser hair removal but very scare if it right for me or not and don’t know any places around me that good. i don’t mind wasting the money if it really work but i don’t want to waste money for something useless either.(if you know what i mean) If anyone who lives in the San Jose, CA area and knows a great Laser Hair removal places please let me know i think i am a type IV light brown skin black hair. Please give me on some adivce if i should try this product out or maybe vist a Laser Hair remover place. i try using the search engine on the website but wasn’t very successe. thank you for your time… can’t wait to you’re reply

there are recommendations on this and the other forums for a few places in your area. try using the search feature on the cosmetic enhancements forum. I know for a fact there are at least 2 recommended places. The “product” you mention is useless.

Sowwie again… but i try searching for a LAser Hair remover place around my around for 30mins and still can’t find any forum that has it… god i must be going crazy… if anyone knows a good laser hair removal place around please reply it would really help me alot or better yet a name of a company that you believe is good and i will try to search their website for a place near me. i been going on thinking about laser hair removal for a very long time and pretty stress about it. thanks u for reading <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

I have only one word of advice on the “finally free” device:


This will keep you from saying:


This thread has ways to find places around you.

Here are just some recommended places in your area from some previous posts:

Derma Laser Clinic, Inc.
701 “B” Welch Rd., Suite 212
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Phone 650-565-8683

Dr. Vic Narurkar in San Francisco Bay Area

Renew Aesthetic Laser Care Center Laserscope of San Jose

thank you ALOT for your reply it had really helped i don’t know what i do without you guys…??

Anyone try out America Laser Center i read alot about it on this forum but it seem to set between???

they vary by location from ok to very bad. haven’t read any feedback on the clinic in your area. i would go with a private clinic after a few consultations over them any day, granted i find a good one, and prefer not to pay for treatments up front if i wouldn’t be able to get back the unused portion if i’m not happy after a few treatments.

Another question anyone have any experience with CoolGlide Excel laser hair removal machine… do you guys know if it good for type IV( Asia light brown skin dark black hair)…??

Thank You again!!!

It’s a YAG laser. It will work well if your hair is pretty coarse. It will have a bit more trouble with finer hair.