need a good Montreal laser clinic



I have had 3 treatments on my beard (which is really coarse and leaves a shadow even right after I shave) like 9 months ago.

Was quite painful, and I seem to have lost some of the hair on my sideburns. Although my goatee was also treated, and hair did fall out at the time in patches, now its all back.

Anyways I need a good Montreal referral. The guys I went to alternated between 2 machines, and cost me plenty as well so I dunno if they were real good. I knew nothing about them.

I also have a question: why did hair fall out reasonably well from my sideburns but none whatsoever from my goatee?


JamesB, those hairs are harder to kill and are probably more influenced by androgen.

Beard removal is extremely difficult, especially if you want a permanent result. Take your time and try to find a practitioner recommended by someone who is done and happy.