neck hair

how is neck hair effected by oral medications, i know they don’t effect facial hair much but can lower body hiar, so im wondering if neck hair is more like facial hair or body hair.

also, i have read that androgen blockers can effect the metabolism, my question is does it speed it up or slow it down, and just out of curiosity is there any way to speed up your metabolism?

In answer to your questions:

1)Neck hair, I believe, is part of facial hair. I am on aldactone/spiro and if anything I find more and more hairs becoming terminal on my upper neck/lower chin area. This is actually the worst for me, I went on aldactone/yasmin to AVOID more hairs becoming terminal and yet there seem to have been more hairs that turned this year than any other.

2)Well, I definately gained weight since going on this combo, but, it might be because I wasn’t going to the gym. Im very happy that I found this site as I thought I was just turning into a lazy pig, that for two years I worked and went for my MA and still went to the gym daily and this past year I was too tired to do anything. Armed with this info I honestly feel like going to my gyno/endo and kicking butt.

Hope that helped some.

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