neck hair - biggest mistake!

I just discovered these forums and spent some time reading, and will continue to do so. I can’t believe how much info is here, and how many other females have the same problem I do!

I’ve always had facial hair and on my neck and it’s light blonde. For some reason I decided in college to shave my neck. Why I didn’t think to use a depliatory I don’t know! So my only problem is with my neck, and it’s really just the area under my jaw line and then down the middle. I shave it every morning, then I use one of those facial hair mitts but by mid morning the stubble is there. I would love to pull my hair back or put it up in a pony tail but I keep it close to my head. I hate going to the doctor, the hairdresser, etc… I’m nervous for when my baby gets old enough to touch my face and wonders why her mom has stubble like her dad! I dread the summer time when we’re outside all the time, at the beach, on the boat, etc…because people sit right next to me and I know they can see this stubble. It’s starting to affect my desire to do anything because I think about it all the time.

I think my only choices are electrolysis or laser. How do I decide which is the way to go? How long does the hair have to be in order to do either of these things? Will I have to continue to shave? Also, I am fair skinned and have blonde facial hair, but the hair on my neck is darker because it’s stubbly.

Also I’m just curious - why does the hair on my neck grow back darker and faster than the hair that I shave on my legs? I’ve tried to grow the neck hair out in order to have it waxed but it grew in so thick I couldn’t bear it. On my legs a few days after shaving it is softer.

Thanks to anyone who has read this and who can offer some advice. I’m really glad to find a place where others are concerned about whether or not they have to spend time in the hospital!

Oh one more question - does plucking the hair remove it all together or will it grow back?

Shaving every morning is a drag. Your comment about shaving in college seemed to imply that shaving made the hair on your neck deeper, darker, coarser. There is no evidence to back up claims that shaving causes hair to change for the worse. It is the best temporary methods to use and cheapest. Male hormones (androgens) caused the hair on you neck to change from fine blond hair to thick dark hair. Shaving does not disturb the root below the skin and therefore is no threat at all.

Go for electrolysis. It is permanent. If you choose laser, and you are a good candidate, you may get reduction of of the hair (thinner and blonder) for a while. In some people laser appears to reduce the hair indefinitely if you use a good diode or alexandrite.

Electrolysis is a series of treatments with a time frame of regular treatments over a 9-12 month period for this area. Each hair is treated indivdually and some regrowth and new growth is to be expected, so some maintenance is required until it is all gone. If your hormonal situation recruits new hairs during your lifetime, you’ll need those new hairs treated.

Laser is quicker. Sessions are spread out over a year or so, but the outcome for most people appears to be long term temporary reduction or some describe it as long term waxing. If you have money to burn, go for laser and then have what’s left treated with electrolysis- permanently.

Hair needs only be 1/8" long for the electrologist to remove (2-3 days after shaving). For laser, instructions are to shave prior to treatment or some practioners may want to shave you at the facility prior to treatment.

The hair on your neck may be thicker because you have a better blood supply in this area and for some reason, male hormones are targeting those specific group of hairs.

Plucking will remove hairs for 2-4 months. They will return!! Each time you pluck, these hair follicles are more likly to become thicker, deeper, darker, not to mention the hyperpigmentation that goes with plucking this area.

As an electrologist, I have had great success with the neck area. There are several appointments up front to clear the area and then an occassional visit here and there to get the stragglers. And then life is so much better because you do not have to shave every morning.

If you serious about electrolysis or laser, I would advise you to read hairfacts sections that pertain to your situation and read the hairtell forums. What an education you’ll get and then the decision will be easier to make.


Good info dfahey. Though, I don’t agree with this point you made: Plucking will remove hairs for 2-4 months.

I don’t know of anyone who’s plucked their hairs that have gone 2-4 months without it growing back.

I apoligize dfahey,
I read your detailed info in another thread now about hair regrowth when waxing and tweezing. Thanks for that info. I was wondering the same thing.