nd-yag vs plasmalite

Hi everyone,

I have just finished 6 treatments using the nd-yag laser on my chest with pretty good results ,like 50/60% reduction. Now my clinic wants me to switch to the plasmalite machine for the next few sessions. This machine only takes 10 minutes to treat the area where the nd-yag laser took 50. I am a bit worried about the effectiveness of the plasmalite machine and should I continue with the machine I know appears to be doing something right??

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi! Which machine was used on you, what plasmalight machine is being used? If you had good results with the yag, stick with it. Do you know what kind of settings were used? What is the remaining hair like? I ask, because all of this has a bearing on how successful your treatment was, and where you can go from here. Keep us posted :confused:

It was this machine http://www.plasmalite.com/
as for settings I couldn’t tell you I generally let them just get on with it. I’m more interested in the debate between IPL versus lasers. There is alot of market driven data out there but it’s difficult to cut through the bull. I’m leaving the country soon so I want to make good use of my last few sessions. The good thing about the plasmalite is that the redness and swelling I get from the laser isn’t really there and it’s gone in hours not days but that kinda of suggests that it isn’t working as well?

I first thought that my Aurora treatments would not be effective because of the LACK of TRAUMA to my skin, and felt that way for the first three weeks when my beard came back after every shave. Then it just thinned out in a dramatic way. Know I just think that this is new technology that is simply much more humane. Think of it this way; the IPL is now accepted by most Dermatologists as the new technology for skin rejuvination, replacing laser. Why, because it is more effective and causes no skin Trauma.No one is saying, “hey, this can’t be working, were not torturing the patients enough.” It would certainly be about time for a new technological approach to hair rempval as the others, in my experience, are too barbaric. Also, I think the Aurora is an iprovement on the old IPL’s as the syncronicity with the Radio Frequencies seems like a winning combination. We’ll see.

another thought for DaveL. Instead of sticking with the machine that has been giving you good results, why not stick with the clinic that is giving you good results. I mean you trusted them in the first place and they haven’t let you down, why not assume that they have your best results in mind my switching you now to IPL. RJC2001 has gotten great results with the Aurora on finer hairs, which is probably why they are trying to switch your treatments.