nd:YAG settings

I’ve tried alexandrite laser with multiple providers (around 10-12 sessions) and had around 20% reduction and finer underarm and lower leg hairs. However, it barely made a difference on the rest of my body.

Since then, I’ve had 4 full-body sessions using nd:YAG laser, but the results seem similar to before.

I have type III skin (olive middle eastern skin) and my current laser technician is using nd:YAG laser and a Fotona machine (unsure which one). The machine settings are on 30 J, 4 Hz, 1.6 ms, and 9mm.

Are the settings too low to see results? Would trying out diode be worth a shot or should I focus on stronger settings?

Leaving the settings to experts, u need to receive those follicle reactions to get the results - long term.

To achieve ultimate maximum reduction results long-term or permanently, laser therapist shouldn’t be too easy with the settings. Why?
Because any light therapies (Diode, laser, IPL) work with colors, they aren’t effective and lose efficacy in treating light, sparse hair. That is they are less efficient in treating next successive treatment session when hair get reduced.

Clients get maximum hair reduction results permanently when around 4-6 sessions are required within initially 2 years of treatments.
Clients get less hair reductions when, says, more than 8 sessions are required.

To clarify, what settings should the technician aim for? I’d prefer to be aware of this so I can ensure that I’m not wasting money on sessions.

Clients should never tell any therapists regarding settings. Just change to ones with right skills and experience.

If you tell them what settings to use, they can over treat you. Sensation of continuous excruciating pain and burning for over a week or so isn’t fun.

The settings (wavelengths, pulse with, Hz, fluence, spot sizes) are not only factors. Therapists need to know their machines like how many passes (not the same as Hz), actual power outputs at different settings, clients’ skin colors, hair characteristics and etc. required to build follicles at least above 70-75 degree celsius to destroy follicles but not over treating.

and etc. and etc.

Not one setting even from the same machine of the same model is suitable for clients with similar skin colours. Some can’t be treated with higher settings because they get over treated.

In general, the higher the settings, with multiples passes to go over the same follicles over & over the better the reduction results. But you might still not get much results or get over treated. So leave that to therapists.

You need to use an NDYAG Laser with a bigger spot size than 9 mm. This size is too small.