Nd:Yag Lyra

i have had a few treatments with alexandrite gentlelase on fine facial hair with no result at all,it only made hair darker and coarser. my question is would Nd:Yag Lyra be recommended for that type of hair?

Unfortunately, very fine hair can not be treated by a laser. Hair follicles are too small to absorb sufficient amount of light energy to be burned. I personally turn away patients if the hair is fine, rather than take their money and have them unsatisfied later on.

I agree with Laser X to a point. If the hair is light and fine, it is untreatable with laser. And if it is extremely fine, laser probably won’t work. If it is dark but not extremely fine, there is some chance, but very high fluences must be used.

My first laser treatments were with the Apogee alexandrite and it worked great on coarse, black hair. The laser did cause some hairs to come back finer. Many of the finer hairs did not respond to the alexandrite, but did respond to the Lightsheer diode and Lyra-i Nd:YAG lasers. At least for me, those lasers could be used at higher fluences and very little redness or scabbing.

I would get a test spot and see how the hair responds to the Lyra. Then you can also assess the competency of the practitioner. For example did they use a high enough fluence?